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Whittakers Chocolate Share Pack Peanut Slab

Whittakers Chocolate Share Pack Peanut Slab

A generous inclusion of crunchy roasted peanuts in smooth milk chocolate in mini single serve portions in a shareable 12 pack bag.

Recipe ideas:

1. Whittakers Peanut Slab Pancakes: Start your day with a sweet note with these pancakes. Grind and incorporate the peanut slab into your pancake batter to give it a nutty twist. This makes a perfect breakfast for people who are allergic to raw nuts but can tolerate the cooked version. Serve with a drizzle of honey.
2. Peanut Slab Smoothie Bowl: Blend Whittakers Peanut Slabs, frozen bananas, and a splash of milk or dairy-free alternative to create a rich and creamy base, topped with sliced fruit and granola to add a touch of crunch. It will tantalize every palate in the family.
3. Peanut Chocolate Hummus : Blend in boiled chickpeas, a little tahini, and crumbled Whittakers Peanut Slabs to whip up this unique and tasty hummus. It's a sweet twist on a favorite snack that is allergen-friendly and full of nutrition.
4. Peanut Slab Banana Bread: Upgrade your regular banana bread recipe by adding crumbled Whittakers Peanut Slabs. It gives a chocolatey, peanutty burst in every bite. It's perfect for breakfast or an after-school snack that kids would love.
5. Peanut Chocolate Popcorn: Mix Whittakers Peanut Slabs into your microwave popcorn for a sweet and savory treat. The perfect munching snack for a movie night or picnic.
6. Chocolate Slab Ice Cream: Beat the summer heat with some homemade chocolate peanut slab ice cream. It's not only delightful but also free from unwanted additives.
7. Whittakers Peanut Slab Brownies: A favorite for the family, these brownies integrate the slimming properties of cocoa, the health benefits of peanuts, and the irresistible charm of these chocolate bars. Serve warm with a scoop of ice cream on top.
8. Chocolate Slab Fondue: Melt Whittakers Peanut Slabs and dip in fruits and marshmallows for a fun, interactive dessert. It's a great recipe to involve kids in preparation and enjoy together.
9. Peanut Slab Stuffed French Toast: Treat your family with a delightful breakfast of French toast accompanied by slices or crumbles of Whittakers Peanut Slabs. It's a delightful twist on a breakfast classic.
10. Whittakers Peanut Slab Scones: Replace the traditional currants or raisins in your scone recipe with bits of peanut slab for a taste sensation suitable for any time of the day. These scones are a delightful meal addition with both sweet and savoury options.
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