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How can I trust these products are safe for my allergies?

A skilled team of Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists have reviewed products on myWellaBee to verify their allergen/dietary claims are accurate. However, as much as we strive for perfection, myWellaBee is just a guide. We recommend confirming the ingredients are fit for your allergies yourself or obtaining professional medical advice to be extra safe

What's the difference between a guest user and a registered user?

As a registered user, you'll gain benefits like being able to create lists to suit your dietary preferences and share them with your family and friends. You'll be able to access even more products to suit your unique profile, and see exclusive promotions.

Why is a product not listed as free from an allergen when it isn't in the ingredients list?

As myWellaBee is just a guide, we use information provided by the manufacturer and the allergen statements that they claim. Please remember that myWellaBee is a tool in your toolbox to guide you towards products that may fit your dietary needs. Before purchasing, we would recommend you check the ingredients list for yourself to see if it is suitable to your specific needs.

Why choose myWellaBee?

The unique point of myWellaBee is that unlike other platforms, we don't just focus on either food allergies or dietary preferences, but BOTH! You can have any combination of requirements from nut free to low FODMAP, and we can help you out. Providing the ultimate food freedom.

Why does myWellaBee say my product is allergen free but there is a may contain statement?

If a product contains the allergen in its ingredient list, it has to declare this on their label. Some food labels use 'may contain' or 'may be present' statements about certain allergens, such as 'may contain nuts'. These are voluntary statements made by food suppliers because the food may be manufactured in a facility where the allergen is present so there is a chance of cross contamination. This does not necessarily mean that the allergen is present in the food (it is not an ingredient) but there is a small chance there may be some cross contamination. myWellaBee has chosen to focus on the foods that do not have the allergen in the ingredients. If you also avoid foods with 'may contain' we would always recommend you click into the product and find out more information

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