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Westcountry Vegan Fischy Sauce 150mL

Westcountry Vegan Fischy Sauce 150mL

Westcountry Spice Organic Vegan Fischy Sauce is made using a unique recipe and a secret blend of ingredients to give you the punch of a fish sauce, without the fish. Use it to give that special umami something to Thai curries and soups or in any recipe that calls for a fish sauce, that you’re giving a plant-based twist to. Add flavour to any dish or food with condiments from Westcountry Spice. There are so many to choose from and each one is made using high-quality, fresh ingredients, you’re guaranteed to find your flavour match!

Recipe ideas:

1. Vegan Pad Thai: An authentic taste of Thailand, using the Vegan Fischy Sauce to capture that savory seafood flavor without the actual fish. It's a tangy and sweet stir-fry, packed with tofu, bean sprouts, and peanuts.
2. Fischy Greens Salad Dressing: Liven up your salads with this delicious dressing. The umami-rich Vegan Fischy Sauce makes the perfect base for a tangy vinaigrette, paired with olive oil, dijon mustard, and a hint of maple syrup.
3. Vegan Green Curry: A plant-based delight with the right balance of heat and flavor. In this recipe, the Vegan Fischy Sauce will subtly enhance the creaminess of the coconut milk, complementing the varied vegetables beautifully.
4. Allergy-friendly Vegetable Stir-fry: Your ideal fast-to-the-table midweek meal. With a good mix of colorful veggies and Vegan Fischy Sauce, this savory stir fry can be enjoyed with rice or noodles.
5. Vegan Caesar Dressing: Who said Caesar Salad needs to be non-vegan? Our Vegan Fischy Sauce can give your plant-based Caesar dressing that unique zesty flavor - All the taste, none of the allergens.
6. Spicy Tofu Scramble: A breakfast treat that can certainly wake you up! Tofu scramble seasoned with the Vegan Fischy Sauce, bringing a burst of umami flavor into the mix. Enjoy with toasted bread or wrapped in a tortilla.
7. Vegan Fischy Egg Rolls: These are perfect snacks for gatherings! The Vegan Fischy Sauce adds that seafood-esque flavor making your egg rolls undeniably delicious for both vegans and non-vegans.
8. Hearty Vegan Soup: A nutrient-rich and comfort soup filled with various vegetables and a hint of Vegan Fischy Sauce. The Fischy Sauce lends depth and umami flavor to make this soup even more hard-to-resist.
9. Vegan Rice Pilaf: This Vegan Fischy Sauce-based dish is a tasty and easy side for all your meals - be it lunch or dinner. The special sauce perfectly seasons the rice adding an exciting layer of flavor.
10. Vegan Fischy Noodle Soup: A soothing dish for those colder days. The Vegan Fischy Sauce adds a new level of taste to this traditional Asian-style noodle soup, making it truly comforting. 
Everyone can enjoy these nutritious meals, regardless of food sensitivities or dietary preferences. It's about making cooking inclusive and fun, while maintaining the richness of flavor we all love!
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