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Westcountry Thai Red Curry Paste 46g

Westcountry Thai Red Curry Paste 46g

A warm, aromatic and spicy paste. Citrus flavours, garlic and chilli are bound together in this rich spice blend.

Recipe ideas:

1. Thai Red Curry Chicken 
Cook seasoned chicken with vegetables of your choice and Westcountry Thai Red Curry Paste in a pot. Add coconut milk to balance the spice of the curry and lime leaves for a hint of citrus. Perfect for dinner on a cool night. 
2. Thai Red Curry Soup 
 Use the paste as a base for a warming soup—bring chicken broth, paste, vegetables, and cooked chicken to a boil then lower the heat and let it simmer. A squeeze of lime will complete this comforting dish. 
3. Grilled Thai Red Curry Shrimps 
 Marinate shrimps in a mix of Westcountry Thai Red Curry Paste, olive oil and lime juice before grilling for a spicy-sweet appetizer or main course. 
4. Thai Red Curry Baked Salmon 
 Brush salmon with the paste, sweet soy sauce and fish sauce then bake to perfection. A healthy and delicious meal in just 30 minutes.
5. Thai Red Curry Veggie Stir-fry 
 Stir-fry a medley of vegetables and tofu with the Thai Red Curry Paste for a quick, nutritious and satisfying meatless meal. 
6. Thai Red Curry Noodle Bowl 
 Stir-fry cooked noodles with protein and vegetables of choice, then toss with the curry paste combined with soy sauce for a meal rich in flavors and textures.
7. Thai Red Curry Omelette 
 Give your typical breakfast omelette a Thai twist by adding a dollop of the Westcountry Thai Red Curry Paste. The blend of spices will wake your senses. 
8. Thai Red Curry Stuffed Tomatoes 
 Remove the insides of ripe tomatoes and stuff with a mixture of cooked quinoa and Thai Red Curry Paste for a hearty main or side. 
9. Thai Red Curry Meatballs 
 Combine ground chicken, Thai Red Curry Paste, chopped onions and breadcrumbs to make meatballs. Serve over steamed jasmine rice for an appetizing meal. 
10. Thai Red Curry Popcorn 
 Add a pinch of curry paste to your melted butter, drizzle over popcorn, and bake at a low temperature to give a Thai kick to a beloved snack.

 11. Thai Red Curry Hummus 
 Blend chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice and Thai Red Curry Paste to make a creamy, spicy hummus. An ideal snack with veggies or whole grain crackers. 
12. Instant Pot Thai Red Curry with Vegetables 
 Combine vegetables, coconut milk and Thai Red Curry Paste in an Instant Pot for a flavorful and nutritious meal ready in minutes. A perfect weekday dinner option. 
All these dishes highlight the versatility and health benefits of Westcountry Thai Red Curry Paste in a variety of family-friendly meals. Remember, you can adjust the quantity of the paste according to your family's taste preference.
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