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Westcountry Korma Curry Paste 46g

Westcountry Korma Curry Paste 46g

A subtle but mellow blend of spices in a mild curry paste. Wonderful with vegetables, chicken, seafood or beef.

Recipe ideas:

1. Korma Curry Scrambled Eggs: 
Liven up your morning meals with some Korma Curry Scrambled Eggs. Soft, velvety scrambled eggs get a mild, spicy kick with a dollop of Westcountry Korma Curry paste. Add some chopped vegetables or cheese for extra flavor and nutritional benefits.
2. Curry Spinach Dip: 
 Give your usual spinach dip an unexpected twist with this curry paste. Blend a spoonful of Korma Curry Paste with cooked spinach and cream cheese to create a tasty, nutritious side that pairs perfectly with naan bread or carrot sticks.
3. Chicken Korma: 
 A traditional and family-friendly recipe, Chicken Korma utilizes the Westcountry Korma Curry paste in a creamy sauce to marinate tender chicken pieces. Served with basmati rice, it's an excellent feast for a wholesome dinner.
4. Curried Vegan Couscous: 
 A quick and creative lunch idea, stir Korma Curry Paste into cooked couscous along with mixed vegetables. It's not just vegan and healthy but also vastly improves the flavor profile of the dish.
5. Paneer and Vegetable Korma: 
 This is a vegetarian dream made true, featuring chunks of paneer and colorful vegetables simmered in a delicious Korma curry paste sauce. Your family will love this mild, creamy curry that goes well over steamed rice or flatbread.
6. Korma Prawn Wraps: 
 For a creative snack or light meal, toss some prawns in Westcountry Korma Curry Paste and sauté until cooked to perfection. Serve them in wraps with fresh, crunchy salad for a delightful contrast of textures and flavors.
7. Baked Korma Curry Potato Wedges: 
 Add a twist to your regular potato wedges by brushing them with a mix of olive oil and Korma Curry Paste before baking. It's a crisp, flavorful side that pairs well with any main.
8. Creamy Korma Soup: 
 Enhance your usual vegetable soup with the addition of Korma Curry Paste. It adds a subtle warmth and mild spiciness which makes this soup an absolute comfort food, perfect for cooler days.
9. Korma Marinated Skewers: 
 Marinate chunks of beef, chicken, or vegetables in a blend of yoghurt and Westcountry Korma Curry Paste overnight, then skewer them up to grill. The outcome is juicy, mildly spiced skewers that are perfect for a family BBQ or any dinner party.
10. Korma Curry Quinoa Salad: 
 Mix cooked quinoa, a dollop of curry paste, and colorful chopped veggies for a nutritious, protein-packed salad. This versatile dish makes a great lunch or a light dinner packed with plenty of crunch and flavor.
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