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Weis Ice Cream Bar Mango & Cream 280ml

Weis Ice Cream Bar Mango & Cream 280ml

Weis mango bar is so unique, authentic, and perfectly balanced by a layer of traditional weis ice cream. One bite and you're sure to be delighted. Fruit and cream are soulmates. Put them together with delicious natural ingredients, and you’ve got heaven in a weis bar.

Our signature two-toned classic weis bars, a moreish combination of real fruit and our traditional cream strip, are an irresistible indulgence – all wrapped up in a no stick, no-drip package. Look out for our colourful packs in the freezer at your supermarket!.

• Fresh and ripened mangoes from weis factory and delivered to you as cool, creamy ice cream goodness.
• This mango ice cream bar is a summertime favourite that's made with real mangoes and an ice cream strip.
• Ice cream made from real fruit and dairy cream.
• No artificial colours or flavours.
• Gluten free ice cream.

Recipe ideas:

1. Grilled Mango and Cream Ice Cream Waffle Sandwiches: A fun way to start your day with Weis Mango & Cream Ice Cream Bar sandwiched between crisp warm waffles. This breakfast treat is a hit for kids and adults alike, as the creamy fruity sweetness complements the savoury waffle.
2. Mango Cream Ice Cream Smoothie Bowl: A quick, delicious, and nutritious breakfast dish where you blend a Weis Mango & Cream Ice Cream Bar with some dairy-free milk, top it with granola, fresh berries, and a dollop of yoghurt. It's a cool, refreshing way to start your day.
3. Tropical Fruit Salad With Mango and Cream Dressing: Fresh, chopped up tropical fruits drizzled with a luscious dressing made from melted Weis Mango & Cream Ice Cream Bars. It's a healthy, vibrant, flavorful, gluten-free snack or dessert.
4. Mango and Cream Ice Cream Float: A refreshing and indulgent treat on a hot summer afternoon. Fill your glass with sparkling water or lemonade and add a scoop of Weis Mango and Cream ice cream to create this delightful float.
5. Mango Cream Ice Cream Swirl Brownies: Mix a little melted Weis Mango & Cream Ice Cream Bar in your brownie batter to take your classic brownies to an entirely new level of goodness. The marriage of dark chocolatey brownies with the fruity cream swirl is simply divine.
6. Mango Cream Ice Cream Spring rolls: Creamy mango ice cream enwrapped in crispy pastry shell deep-fried to a golden brown hue. It is a unique dessert where the cold ice cream meets the hot crispy pastry, making it an irresistibly unique delicacy.
7. Grilled Pineapple and Mango Cream Ice Cream: Anything grilled tastes better, and when it is a combination of grilled pineapple slices and Weis Mango & Cream Ice Cream Bar, it's an out-of-the-world experience with its toasty-caramelised-fruit and creamy, bright flavours.
8. Mango and Cream Ice Cream Tacos: Imagine crispy mini dessert tacos, filled with chunks of the Weis Mango & Cream Ice Cream Bar. Top it off with fresh fruits and a drizzle of honey or chocolate sauce, and you've got a standout dessert that looks and tastes amazing. 
These recipes demonstrate that Weis Mango & Cream Ice Cream Bars can be used for much more than just a cold treat, making them a versatile option for a range of delicious, family-friendly meals, snacks and desserts.
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