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Watties tomato paste

Watties tomato paste

Tomato paste is a kitchen essential, and there's no better pick than wattie's tomato paste. This is an excellent base for pasta, pizzas, pies and casseroles. Wattie's tomato paste adds great flavour to a variety of dishes. It contains no added flavours, colours, sugar, salt or preservatives, and provides a good source of dietary fibre. Cook into any meal and impress your household. No added flavours or colours. No preservatives. Great base for a variety of dishes. No added salt or sugar. Good source of dietary fibre.

Recipe ideas:

1. Tomato Basil Soup: Silky smooth tomato basil soup provides a wholesome comfort. With Wattie's Tomato paste, olive oil, canned tomatoes, fresh basil and onions, this soup is not only creamy but full of antioxidant benefits. 
2. Homemade Pizza: Using Wattie's tomato paste as the base, top a whole wheat pizza crust with your favourite fresh vegetables, lean meats, and a sprinkle of reduced-fat cheese for a well-balanced meal. 
3. Whole Wheat Pasta with Marinara: This classic Italian dish is made healthier using whole wheat pasta and Wattie's tomato paste as a base for the sauce. Add fresh vegetables for an added nutrient boost. 
4. Eggplant Parmesan: Bread and bake eggplant slices with a coating of Wattie's tomato paste, herbs and parmesan for a lower calorie version of this iconic dish. 
5. Tomato and Spinach Stuffed Bell Peppers: Fill bell peppers with a mixture of cooked quinoa, spinach, and Wattie's tomato paste for a meal rich in protein, fibre, and vitamins. 
6. Low-Carb Turkey Meatloaf: Substitute breadcrumbs with crushed turkey breast and use Wattie's tomato paste to bind together the ingredients for a lower-carb, high protein dinner option. 
7. Vegetable-Tomato Casserole: Create a wholesome, comforting dish with a variety of vegetables cooked in Wattie's tomato paste – perfect for warming up on chilly evenings.

8. Tomato Turkey Chili: Using Wattie's Tomato paste as the base, combine lean ground turkey, kidney beans, bell peppers and spices for a healthy and hearty meal. 
9. Tomato-Poached Egg Breakfast: Jumpstart your day with sunnyside up eggs poaching in a vibrant tomato sauce made from Wattie's tomato paste. Sprinkle fresh herbs on top for a burst of flavours.
10. Tomato Tuna Salad: Jazz up your usual tuna salad by mixing it with Wattie's tomato paste and a handful of chopped cucumber, onions, and lettuce. 
11. Ratatouille with Tomato Sauce: Cook slices of eggplant, zucchini, and bell pepper in a rich, herby tomato sauce made from Wattie's tomato paste for a light dinner option.
12. Chickpea Tomato Dip: Blend cooked chickpeas with Wattie's tomato paste, olive oil, garlic, and spices for a nutritious, allergy-friendly snack spread. 
13. Tomato Rice: Boost your plain rice by cooking it in a healthy tomato sauce made with Wattie's tomato paste.
14. Tomato Paste Smoothie: An unconventional yet nutrient-packed beverage, blend Wattie's tomato paste, frozen fruits and yogurt for a quick breakfast or midday snacking. 
15. Tomato-Baked Fish: Marinade your favourite fish fillets with Wattie's tomato paste, garlic, and herb mix before grilling or baking. This heart-friendly dish is perfect for a light dinner.
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