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Wattie's Very Special Canned Soup Creamy Mushroom

Wattie's Very Special Canned Soup Creamy Mushroom

A great light lunch or dinner option, wattie's very special creamy mushroom soup is even tastier when served with a swirl of cream. Add some garlic croutons for a meal the whole family is sure to enjoy. Wattie's very special creamy mushroom soup is 98% fat free and contains no artificial colours or preservatives.

Recipe ideas:

1. Creamy Mushroom Pasta
Incorporate Wattie's Very Special Creamy Mushroom Soup into a simple pasta dish. Let the soup serve as your pasta sauce, adding some cooked garlic, onions, and your choice of protein. This dish screams comfort food while ensuring your family gets a dose of nutritional benefits from the soup.
2. Mushroom Soup Quiche
 An innovative way to use this soup flavour is incorporating it into a quiche filling. The mushroom soup adds a level of creaminess and depth of flavour to your quiche. It's a perfect brunch or light dinner option, which the family is sure to love.
3. Mushroom Soup Risotto
 Replace traditional chicken or vegetable broth with Wattie's Creamy Mushroom Soup to make your risotto. This elevates the flavour and adds a unique creaminess to the dish. Top it off with parmesan cheese for a fulfilling dish.
4. Healthier Mushroom Stroganoff
 Swap out the heavy cream commonly used in a mushroom stroganoff recipe for Wattie's Creamy Mushroom Soup. The result is a lighter yet still delicious version of the classic dish.
5. Mushroom Soup Bread Bowl
 Take your soup presentation up a notch by serving it in homemade bread bowls. The family will surely have fun scooping up their nutritious soup with chunks of bread.
6. Creamy Mushroom Pies
 Fill your homemade pie with Wattie's Creamy Mushroom Soup and add some veggies for a hearty dinner option. The soup provides richness to the pies, making them even more appetizing. 
7. Mushroom Soup Omelette
 Level up your usual breakfast omelette by adding some Creamy Mushroom Soup. Doing so will add a lovely creaminess, enhancing the flavour of your usual egg dish. 
8. Spicy Creamy Mushroom Soup
 Add some chopped chili and spices to turn your can of Wattie's into a fiery and memorable meal. Perfect for a cold night when you need a warming and hearty dinner.
9. Mushroom Soup Pasta Bake
 Pour Wattie's Creamy Mushroom Soup over your pasta just before baking for a creamy and savoury twist. Add in vegetables and your preferred protein to make a well-rounded family-friendly dish.
10. Vegan Pot Pie with Creamy Mushroom Soup
 Create a vegan-friendly pot pie filling using Wattie's soup, a variety of veggies, and spices. This dish is the perfect combination of health and comfort food.
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