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VinceItalian Style

VinceItalian Style

Why Choose Vince?
It just vegetables! No artificial colours, flavours or fillers - Ready in 4 minutes - Flavour ready just add hot water, no cooking required. With Vince’s help anyone can prepare a delicious nutritious meal. Good for you, good for the planet.

Recipe ideas:

1. Hearty Vince Vegetable Soup: With Vince as your base, you'll have a nutritious soup ready in minutes. All you need is hot water and your choice of extra veggies, for a family meal that's quick, hearty and full of nutrition. 
2. Energizing Vince Breakfast Porridge: Start your day right with a wholesome bowl of porridge featuring Vince. When mixed with hot water and oatmeal, Vince's vegetable goodness turns breakfast into a daily feast of vitamins and minerals.
3. Vince Stir-fry Delight: Add Vince to your stir-fry for a health-conscious, Italian-flavored power meal. Saute some garlic, onions, then stir in Vince with selected vegetables, or lean meat. A quick, flavorful dinner is served.
4. Healthy Vince Pasta Sauce: Transform plain pasta into a nutritious meal using Vince. Its ready flavors make it the ideal base for a sauce, just add added garlic, fresh herbs, and a splash of olive oil. 
5. Vince-Infused Rice: The versatility of Vince allows it to be used as a flavor base to elevate regular rice dishes. Mix it with hot water and spices, and cook in with your rice for a quick, nourishing family meal.
6. Delicious Vince Vegetable Stew: Combine Vince, lentils, and selected vegetables to create a filling, fiber-rich stew that's perfect for dinner on a cold day. The Italian flavors of Vince melt perfectly with the earthy lentils.
7. Crunchy Vince Bruschetta: Spread Vince on a slice of toasted bread, add some chopped tomatoes, olives and a sprinkle of cheese. A simple, quick and flavorful snack or an appetizer is ready that everyone will love.
8. Vince Pizza Base: Vince, with its natural goodness and Italian seasoning, can make a great pizza base. Just add your favorite veggies and cheese, then bake to perfection. The health-conscious family will love this twist to the usual pizza.
9. Creamy Vince Dip: Vince can easily turn into a flavorful dip for your party snacks. Just mix it with hot water, yogurt, and few sprinkles of herbs. It's Vegetarian, allergy-friendly and sure to impress.
10. Vince Potato Cakes: Combine Vince with mashed potatoes, form into patties and lightly fry for an irresistible side dish. These cakes are nutritious, versatile, and a creative way to incorporate Vince into your daily menu. 
Remember, Vince is always there as a base to boost the nutritional value and enhance the flavor of your meals, all while being allergy-friendly and family-approved.

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