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Viana Organic Picknicker

Viana Organic Picknicker

These delicious fiery sticks of goodness are the perfect meat-free snack on the go. With a wonderful texture and flavour, the Picknicker is sure to become a favourite.

Recipe ideas:

1. Picknicker Veggie Breakfast Scramble: Kick off your morning with a healthy and hearty breakfast scramble infused with diced Picknicker sticks. Add vegetables like peppers, zucchini and onions for added taste and nutrition. 
2. Picknicker Nachos: A twist on traditional nachos, this fun and convenient dish replaces meat with crispy, chargrilled slices of Picknicker. Topped with a generous serving of cheese, tomatoes and olives, it's a hit with both kids and adults alike. 
3. Vegan Picknicker Pizza: A unique take on pizza night, use a whole-grain crust, your favourite vegan cheese, and a highlight of diced Picknicker to add that smoky flavoured 'meat' topping everyone craves.
4. Picknicker Pasta Stir-Fry: Our Picknicker sticks impeccably integrate into a filling pasta dish, bolstered by colourful array of fresh veggies. A dash of soy sauce elevates the taste along with the nuttiness of organic sesame oil.
5. Smokey Picknicker Fajita: Wrap a delightful combination of charred Picknicker, onion, and bell pepper tossed with fajita spices in a healthy whole wheat tortilla. Creamy avocado and fresh salsa complete this perfect handheld meal.
6. Picknicker Asian-style Noodles: Unleash your culinary prowess by creating delectable Pan-Asian delicacy infusing sautéed Picknicker pieces with rice noodles. Add in stir-fried vegetables with a splash of tamari for a guilt-free and savoury treat.
7. Picknicker Savory Muffins: Create perfect lunchbox friendly, savory muffins including diced Picknicker and a mix of fresh herbs. These protein-packed muffins are great for both kid's recess and adult's coffee break.
8. Picknicker Greek Salad: Update a classic Greek salad dish by adding sliced Picknicker. The zesty lemon dressing and tasty Picknicker are irresistible and nutritious.
9. Quick Picknicker Snack Wraps: Busy weekday? Our Picknicker inside wraps with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and a splash of mustard sauce make a quick snack that kids and grown-ups love.
10. BBQ Picknicker Kebabs: Enjoy heartwarming BBQ moments with skewered Picknicker and an array of colourful bell peppers, onion and cherry tomato. Rotate them on the grill for a smoky, succulent family feast.
Whether you're looking for a quick, healthy snack or creating a family meal, these ideas will surely inspire you to incorporate the high-protein, nutritious, and delicious Viana Organic Picknicker into your family's meal routine.
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