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Viana Organic Cowgirl Veggie Steaks

Viana Organic Cowgirl Veggie Steaks

Hearty Viana Cowgirl Veggie Steaks contain lots of vegetable protein. Fry them in the pan and they're ready to eat in just five minutes. Cowgirl Steaks are juicy, tender, and the centrepiece of any healthy, environmentally friendly meal.

Recipe ideas:

1. **Cowgirl Veggie Steaks with Rainbow Salad**: Juicy Veggie Steaks served alongside a colorful, crunchy salad of fresh bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes. The tangy crunch of the salad pairs perfectly with the tender, savory steak. A perfect meal idea for sunny lunches.
2. **Stir-Fried Cowgirl Veggie Steaks and Veggies**: Diced Steaks swiftly stir-fried with broccoli, bell peppers and snow peas. This stir-fry is an all-in-one, protein-packed meal that is quickly prepared and suitable for a weekday dinner.
3. **Cowgirl Veggie Steak Sandwich**: Grilled Veggie Steaks tucked in between crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, cucumber, and a dollop of vegan mayo. Makes for a hearty sandwich that you can enjoy for lunch or a quick snack.
4. **Cowgirl Steak Tacos**: Tender cut Veggie Steaks tossed with Mexican spices, served in soft tortillas and topped with fresh pico de gallo and vegan cheese. These are sure to bring a fun twist to your dinner table.
5. **Cowgirl Veggie Steak Kebabs**: Veggie Steaks along with bell peppers and onions, skewered and grilled. These are best served with a fresh salad and tasty dips. Ideal for a weekend barbecue with the family.
6. **Mediterranean Cowgirl Veggie Steaks**: Seasoned Veggie Steaks served alongside a mixture of olives, artichokes, and roasted tomatoes. This dish brings Mediterranean flair to your table and a great way to mix up dinner.
7. **Vegan Shepherd's pie with Cowgirl Veggie Steaks**: Layered with creamy mashed potatoes and Veggie Steaks cooked in a rich tomato sauce, a hearty pie that makes for a comforting dinner.
8. **Veggie Steak Noodle Stir Fry**: Cowgirl Veggie Steaks tossed with noodles, garlic, soy sauce, and a mix of fresh vegetables. One-dish meal that is comforting and simple enough for a weeknight family meal.
9. **Breakfast Burrito with Cowgirl Veggie Steaks**: Scrambled tofu, grilled Veggie Steaks, and salsa wrapped in a warm tortilla. A protein-packed, hearty breakfast guaranteed to keep you satisfied until lunch.
10. **Cowgirl Veggie Steaks with Mushroom Gravy**: Pan-seared Veggie Steaks served with a side of creamy mushroom gravy. This is a delicious and nutritious option for a filling dinner. 
Each recipe showcases the versatility and health benefits of Viana Organic Cowgirl Veggie Steaks and is designed to cater to all types of food preferences and allergies.
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