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Viana Organic Bratwurst Veggie Sausages

Viana Organic Bratwurst Veggie Sausages

A fine fresh sausage with many uses that is big enough to satisfy even the biggest hunger! Great as a curried sausage, slapped on bread with tomato sauce or part of an awesome Sunday morning fry-up. Also Viana sausages don’t stick to the pan!

Recipe Ideas with Viana Organic Bratwurst Veggie Sausages

1. Veggie Sausage and Scrambled Tofu Breakfast Sandwich: Kick off the day with a filling breakfast sandwich made with crumbled Viana Organic Bratwurst Veggie Sausages, scrambled tofu, and a healthy dollop of salsa wrapped inside a whole grain tortilla. The hearty flavors of the sausages paired with the creamy, nutritious tofu will keep your family satisfied and energized until lunch.
2. Organic Bratwurst Veggie Sausage Stir-fry: Enjoy a quick dinner featuring a colorful array of crisp, fresh vegetables and chunks of Viana Bratwurst sausages. The meaty texture and savory taste of the sausages give this stir-fry a satisfying heft. Serve it over brown rice or quinoa for added fiber and protein.
3. Bratwurst Veggie Sausage Breakfast Burrito Bowls: Create a balanced and visually appealing breakfast with a deconstructed burrito bowl featuring crumbled Viana Bratwurst sausages, scrambled eggs, black beans, and avocado. Top it off with a spoonful of Greek yogurt and a sprinkle of fresh herbs for a creamy and refreshing finish.
4. Sausage and Veggie Flatbread Pizza: A fun weeknight dinner or weekend lunch can be had with personal flatbread pizzas. Lay pieces of Viana Organic Bratwurst Veggie Sausages, bell peppers, mushrooms, and a sprinkling of dairy-free cheese over a whole grain flatbread for a healthy option that respects dietary exclusions.
5. Organic Bratwurst-stuffed Bell Peppers: Impress your family with deliciously stuffed bell peppers. With a savory filling of Viana Organic Bratwurst Veggie Sausages, brown rice, and a chunky tomato sauce, all topped with melted dairy-free cheese, this healthy dinner is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.
6. Vegan Sausage and Sweet Potato Hash: Perfect for a Sunday morning breakfast or brunch, this filling sweet potato hash includes chopped Viana Bratwurst sausages, diced sweet potatoes, and sautéed onions and bell peppers. Packed with flavors and nutrients, this breakfast dish will have your family asking for seconds.
7. One-Pot Bratwurst and Lentil Stew: Warm up on a cold day with a hearty one-pot stew showcasing chunky Viana Organic Bratwurst Veggie Sausages, protein-rich lentils, and a variety of vegetables like carrots and celery. The healthy sausages contribute a pleasing meatiness to this comforting dish, making it a family favorite. 
8. Veggie Sausage and Quinoa Salad: A perfect midday meal, this salad combines fluffy quinoa, chopped fresh vegetables, and slices of Viana Bratwurst Veggie Sausages. The sausages add a savory touch to this light and refreshing salad, making it a balanced and satisfying lunch option.
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