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Ultimate Indulgence Drinking Chocolate

Ultimate Indulgence Drinking Chocolate

Now you can really indulge yourself with this divine drinking chocolate inspired from stories dating back to antiquity. According to the stories of old, Aztec Indians mixed Vanilla and Cocoa together to make what was known as the “Drink of the Kings”.
Create your ultimate indulgent hot chocolate, iced chocolate or chocolate frappe at home, any time of the day.

Recipe Ideas with Ultimate Indulgence Drinking Chocolate

1. "Aztec Morning Delight" Hot Chocolate Oats:
 Start the day with a bowl of creamy oats simmered in Ultimate Indulgence Drinking Chocolate, providing an enticing and hearty breakfast. The richness of the chocolate fused with oats provides fibre that helps keep your family full and energetic throughout their day. 
2. Antioxidant-Enriched Drinking Chocolate Smoothie:
 For a quick afternoon boost, blend a scoop of Ultimate Indulgence Drinking Chocolate with frozen berries, a banana, and almond milk. This provides a potent antioxidant kick and the richness of the chocolate making it a refreshing and delightful smoothie. 
3. Chocolatey Greek Yogurt Parfait:
 Layer Greek yogurt, crushed granola, Ultimate Indulgence Drinking Chocolate and fresh berries to give an indulgent spin to a healthy snack. The inclusion of drinking chocolate not only enhances the dessert's taste but also its nutrients.
4. Drinking Chocolate Mole Sauce:
 Let's spice up the dinner by whisking some Drinking Chocolate into a traditional Mexican mole sauce, served over grilled chicken. A popular way for adding an unexpected yet delicious twist to a savoury dish, while keeping it nutritious. 
5. Decadent Drinking Chocolate Avocado Pudding:
 Blend overripe avocados with the Drinking Chocolate to prepare a creamy, nutrient-dense pudding. This lovely dessert is loaded with good fats and satisfies sweet cravings healthily. 
6. Chocolate Quinoa Breakfast Bowl:
 Combine cooked quinoa with the Ultimate Indulgence Drinking Chocolate for a morning treat that adds unexpected depth to a classic breakfast routine. The addition of chocolate makes the meal appealing for kids while providing a protein-rich meal.
7. Chocolate Banana Pancakes:
 Incorporate a generous scoop of the Drinking Chocolate to your pancake batter to offer a surprising twist to a weekend breakfast. Served with a side of fresh banana slices, these flapjacks are not just fun but health-packed as well. 
8. Ultimate Indulgence Chocolate Energy Balls:
 Mix oats, toasted almonds, dates, chia seeds and the Drinking Chocolate to create tiny, nutrient-packed balls of energy. These are ideal for a quick, on-the-go snack option for your family as they bustle between work, school and extracurricular activities. 

Remember, cooking is a creative endeavor. Feel free to adapt these recipes based on food sensitivities or dietary preferences of your family. Offering variety and packing nutrition in each bite is the best way to ensure your family's wellness.Ultimate Indulgence Drinking Chocolate
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