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Tropical Mango & Fruit Crunch

Tropical Mango & Fruit Crunch

Pure Delish Tropical Mango & Fruit Crunch is a mix of crunchy flakes, almonds, organic coconut, mixed seeds, mango pieces and a hint of cinnamon, baked to a golden crunch with olive oil and coconut nectar.

Good to know…

No gluten or sulphites
52% nuts, seeds and fruit
4.7g of sugar per 50g serve
Source of fibre and protein 
Good source of magnesium

Recipe Ideas with Tropical Mango & Fruit Crunch

1. Mango & Fruit Crunch Pancakes: Want a protein-filled, nutrient-dense breakfast option? Whip up a batch of pancakes using Pure Delish Tropical Mango & Fruit Crunch. Mix a handful with your pancake batter and cook as usual. You get pancakes loaded with crunchy nuts, seeds, and tangy mangoes, a fun and tasty way to start the day.
2. Overnight Fruit Crunch Parfaits: Prep a breakfast treat the night before by combining greek yogurt, a splash of vanilla essence and a layer of Mango & Fruit Crunch. Add fresh berries for additional nutrients. It’s a delicious grab-and-go option for busy mornings.
3. Fruit Crunch Energy Balls: These no-bake treats are perfect for afternoon snack time. Combine dates, nut butter, and a couple of spoons of the Tropical Mango & Fruit Crunch in a food processor. Roll into balls and refrigerate. It’s a protein-packed, low-sugar snack perfect for both kids and adults.
4. Tropical Salad Toppers: Jazz up your everyday salad with a tropical twist. Toss these nutty, fruity crunches over a bowl of leafy greens or a Chicken Caesar salad for extra texture and flavor. 
5. Mango and Fruit Crunch Muffins: Mix this tropical crunch into your favorite muffin batter for a breakfast or snack time treat. The burst of mango, crunch of almonds, and a hint of cinnamon blend with the muffin goodness to create a snack that's both healthy and delicious.
6. Tropical Smoothie Bowl: Replace your regular granola with Pure Delish Tropical Mango & Fruit Crunch on your smoothie bowls. It adds a tropical touch while packing a load of extra nutrients from the seeds, nuts, and dry fruits.
7. Mango Crunch Protein Bars: Create your homemade protein bars combining Tropical Mango & Fruit Crunch, dried fruits, and your favorite nut butter. Freeze the mixture and cut into shapes. 
8. Tropical Porridge: Stir Mango & Fruit Crunch into your morning oatmeal for a tropical twist. The mix of crunchy flakes, coconut, and mango pieces alongside the hearty oats creates a flavor-packed, hearty breakfast. 
9. Stuffed Baked Apples: core apples and stuff them with a mix of this tropical crunch, brown sugar, and butter. Bake until tender for a sweet, nutritious dessert treat the whole family will love.
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