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Toasted Hazelnut Chocolate

Toasted Hazelnut Chocolate

Bennetto Toasted Hazelnut Chocolate is a delicious Peruvian dark chocolate with a generous amount of toasted hazelnut pieces.

Sweet Delights with Toasted Hazelnut Chocolate

1. Chocolate Hazelnut Pancakes: Savor a delightful breakfast treat with these pancakes richly flavored with Toasted Hazelnut Chocolate. Adding grated chocolate directly into the pancake batter promises an exciting flavor burst in every bite. Serve with maple syrup for a well-balanced, family-friendly breakfast.
2. Toasted Hazelnut Chocolate Smoothies: Blend bananas, almond milk, and a few squares of Toasted Hazelnut Chocolate for a healthful and energizing smoothie. The natural sweetness of bananas and chocolate create a decadently smooth and chocolaty treat without any guilt.
3. Hazelnut Chocolate Infused Oatmeal: A cozy and nutritious breakfast option, simply mix grated Toasted Hazelnut Chocolate with warm, cooked oatmeal. The chocolate melts into the oats, creating a creamy and satisfying morning meal.
4. Chocolate Hazelnut Bark: Melt Bennetto Toasted Hazelnut Chocolate and spread it thinly on a parchment paper before topping with dried fruits and nuts of your choice. Once hardened, break it into pieces for a healthy and crunchy snack option that kids will love. 
5. Chocolate Hazelnut Energy Balls: Crush up Toasted Hazelnut Chocolate, combine with dates, almond butter, and oats to make wholesome energy balls. Store them in the fridge for a grab-and-go snack or a sweet lunchbox surprise.
6. Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse: This silky, rich delight is made with three simple ingredients - Toasted Hazelnut Chocolate, coconut milk, and honey. It's a light yet decadent dessert perfect for the whole family. 
7. Hazelnut Chocolate Quinoa Pudding: Cook quinoa in almond milk, stir in some melted Hazelnut Chocolate for a nutritious and heartwarming dessert that perfectly fits into a balanced eating regimen.
8. Grilled Banana Boats with Hazelnut Chocolate: Slice open bananas, stuff with Toasted Hazelnut Chocolate and grill until the banana is warm, and the chocolate is melty. A heavenly dessert alternative with a fun-themed presentation that kids will adore.
9. Hazelnut and Chocolate Spiced Granola: Spice up your breakfast routine by adding grated Toasted Hazelnut Chocolate to your homemade granola. Perfect with your choice of milk or enjoyed as a quick and healthy snack.
10. Chocolate Hazelnut and Black Bean Brownies: An inventive and nutritious twist on a classic favorite, these brownies incorporate Toasted Hazelnut Chocolate and black beans for a rich and fudgy dessert that packs in fiber and protein.
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