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Surti Oven Ready Vegan Samosas

Surti Oven Ready Vegan Samosas

Triangle pastries filled with traditionally spiced potatoes and peas. Samosas are where Surti's specialty lies. As New Zealand’s only major manufacturer of samosas, Surti take pride in being locally produced using locally sourced ingredients whilst maintaining "the traditional taste of India."

Recipe ideas:

1. Baked Samosa Chaat: A delightful Indian street food makeover by layering baked Surti Vegan Samosas with tangy tamarind chutney, cooling yogurt, and fresh cilantro. This flavor-packed dish will create a global food experience right at your family's dinner table. 
2. Vegan Samosa Quesadilla: Give your typical quesadilla a twist by crumbling Surti Oven ready Vegan Samosa filling within tortillas. Healthy and delicious, this fusion dish embraces both Indian and Mexican cuisines for a crowd-pleaser meal.
3. Samosa Salad Wrap: A reinvention of the traditional salad; tuck spiced samosas, leafy greens, and refreshing cucumber strips into a whole grain wrap. This easy-to-make recipe delivers a hearty lunch while keeping the nutrient quotient high. 
4. Samosa-Stuffed Bell Peppers: A unique dish that combines the aromatic spiced potato and pea mixture of Surti Samosas with nutritious bell peppers. It's an ideal dinner that's packed with vitamins, fiber and lots of flavor. 
5. Samosa Buddha Bowl: Arrange a Baked Surti Samosa over a colorful bowl of grains, legumes, and fresh veggies. Drizzle with a zesty dressing for an exciting, balanced meal full of wholesome ingredients. 
6. Samosa Pot Pie: Layer a casserole with Surti Oven Ready Vegan Samosas and cover with a vegan pastry sheet for a delicious, warming meal. A one-dish comfort food that's both filling and nutritious.
7. Vegan Samosa Soup: A culinary masterpiece featuring a flavorful broth with traditional Indian spices, mixed vegetables, and crumbled Surti Samosa. This heartwarming soup delivers a satisfying meal with an impressive nutrient density.
8. Samosa Stir-fry: Lively up your stir-fry by adding cubed Surti Oven Ready Vegan Samosa to the mix. Packed with colorful veggies and protein-rich tofu, this is a quick and easy meal solution combining taste and health benefits. 
9. Samosa Breakfast Hash: Start the day right by crumbling Surti Vegan Samosas into a breakfast hash with diced potatoes, onions, bell peppers and a touch of cumin. This protein-rich breakfast keeps you full till lunch and is a great alternative to traditional breakfast foods.
10. Samosa Topped Pizza: Resting Surti Samosas on a bed of pizza dough with a layer of marinara & vegan cheese creates a unique pizza experience one must try. This novelty dish is a fun weekend treat that will be loved by kids and adults alike.
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