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Sheese - Original Spread

Sheese - Original Spread

Our Original Creamy Sheese is a versatile dairy free cream cheese alternative. It can be used in exactly the same way as dairy cream cheese, sweet or savoury, except it’s certified vegan and kosher and made with coconut oil. There are many exciting recipes to use the Original with such as vegan cheesecakes, soups, sauces, or toppings for baked potatoes.
You can also add a spoonful of Original Creamy Sheese melted on hot vegetables, in pasta dishes, or in salad dressings. It makes for amazing mashed potato and creamy mushroom pie, and can be used as a scrummy alternative to butter and margarine. It’s also ideal for making gratins, pizzas, Sheesy scones & Sheesy puffs.

Recipe ideas:

1. Sheesy Avocado Toast: For a quick breakfast or snack, spread Original Creamy Sheese on a piece of whole grain toast and top it with some seasoned avocado slices.
2. Vegan Cheesecake: The Original Creamy Sheese makes an ideal base for a silky-smooth vegan cheesecake. Add some lemon zest and vanilla for a tangy-sweet flavor.
3. Creamy Mushroom Risotto: Use the Creamy Sheese for a delightful creaminess in your risotto. It not only eliminates the need for dairy but also adds a zest to your dish.
4. Dairy-Free Scrambled Eggs: For those with dairy sensitivities, this is a great alternative. Use Original Creamy Sheese instead of milk or cream for fluffy, dairy-free scrambled eggs.
5. Vegan Stuffed Bell Peppers: Stuff bell peppers with quinoa, vegetables, and handfuls of creamy Sheese for a hearty dinner thats packed with nutrition.
6. Sheesy Garlic Bread: Make your own homemade garlic bread by spreading Creamy Sheese over a loaf of French bread and sprinkling it with garlic and parsley.
7. Spinach and Sheese Quiche: A savory breakfast dish that uses Creamy Sheese as an alternative to dairy. Its indulgent, yet light.
8. Creamy Sheese Pasta Sauce: A simple, dairy-free sauce for your favorite pasta. The creamy Sheese melts beautifully, making for a light and creamy pasta dish.
9. Sheese Corn Chowder: A warming, hearty dish perfect for cold nights. The Creamy Sheese adds a tangy bite to the sweet corn chowder.
10. Sheese-Stuffed Mushrooms: Appetizer or side dish, these mushrooms are filled with a mixture of Original Creamy Sheese, garlic, and herbs. They are baked until golden and delicious.
11. Vegan Sheese Pizza: Use the Creamy Sheese as a base, add choice of toppings, bake, and voila- your healthy, vegan pizza is ready. 
12. Creamy Sheese and Chive Potatoes: Mashed potatoes just got healthier and tastier with the addition of Original Creamy Sheese and chives. Perfect for a side dish or a main meal.

These recipes showcase the versatility of the Original Creamy Sheese and will definitely please both vegan and non-vegan palates alike.
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