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Sealord Fish Fillets Crmbd Nz Hoki Gluten Free

Sealord Fish Fillets Crmbd Nz Hoki Gluten Free

Wild caught new zealand hoki pieces, coated in crunchy gluten free breadcrumbs. Pair this flaky, white fish with potatoes for a take on traditional fish and chips, or serve with vegetables or salad for an easy, healthy meal for the family. It's great for those following a gluten free diet who don't want to sacrifice quality.

Recipe ideas:

1. "Sealord Hoki Breakfast Casserole"
For a quick, nutritious start to the day, transform your leftover Sealord Hoki into a hearty breakfast casserole. Mixed with a blend of fresh vegetables, whisked eggs, and a sprinkle of cheese, this dish keeps you fueled throughout the day. A welcoming gluten-free version that parents and children will love.
2. "Hoki Fish Tacos"
 Lighten up your family's taco night with a gluten-free twist. Use corn tortillas to hold slices of Sealord Hoki, garnished with a fresh cabbage slaw, avocado slices, and cilantro for a refreshing taste. A healthy change for the classic burger night.
3. "Hoki Fillet with Mashed Sweet Potato"
 For a perfect dinner, serve Sealord Hoki fillets with a side of creamy, mashed sweet potato. The delicate flavor of the fish beautifully complements the sweet, earthy taste of the potato. A gluten-free, healthy dinner option that will be a winner at family meals.
4. "Zesty Hoki Salad"
 When looking for a light lunch, try a zesty hoki salad. It features chunks of Sealord Hoki on a bed of leafy greens drizzled with your favorite gluten-free dressing. A wholesome lunch idea full of freshness and flavor.
5. "Baked Hoki with Quinoa and Vegetables"
 Enjoy a hearty meal by touring your Sealord Hoki with quinoa and seasonal vegetables oven-baked to perfection. Packed with nutritional benefits, each mouthful offers a texture from the crunchy hoki and creamy quinoa. A gluten-free, delicious dinner to keep you full yet satisfied.
6. "Hoki Skewers"
 For a fun and interactive BBQ food, try gluten-free hoki skewers. Alternate pieces of Sealord Hoki with bell peppers and cherry tomatoes on skewers before grilling. Best when served with a gluten-free soy dipping sauce.
7. "Hoki and Pea Risotto"
 Take advantage of the flaky texture of Sealord Hoki fillets by incorporating them into a creamy pea risotto. The unique combination of tasty fish and sweet peas makes this dish a comforting, gluten-free family favorite.
8. "Hoki Stir-fry"
 A quick, nutritious weeknight dinner that kids will also enjoy, stir-fried Sealord hoki with a colorful mix of veggies in your favorite gluten-free sauce. Serve over rice or rice noodles for a delightful dish with an Asian touch. 

Each meal idea uses Sealord Hoki in a unique way to create a various range of dishes that cater to different meal times, offering both taste and nutrition. All these recipes utilize the kid-friendliness and versatility of the fish, making it an excellent choice for any gluten-free fam members

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