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Red Raspberry Freeze Dried Powder

Red Raspberry Freeze Dried Powder

Matakana Superfoods Red Raspberry Freeze Dried Powder has been freeze-dried to ensure all the vital nutrients and flavour contained within the fresh fruit are retained.
This 100gm pouch of red raspberry powder is equivalent to approximately 1kg of fresh red raspberries.

Recipe Ideas with Red Raspberry Freeze Dried Powder

1. Red Raspberry Smoothie Bowls: Start your day with a quick, easy breakfast bursting with antioxidants. Blend Matakana Superfoods Red Raspberry Freeze Dried Powder with your favorite milk, bananas, and a touch of honey for a refreshing smoothie, then top with granola and fresh fruit.
2. Raspberry-vinaigrette Salad Dressing: Give your salads a fresh twist by whisking this freeze-dried powder with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, honey, and a touch of sea salt. This zesty vinaigrette will make any greens pop with flavour.
3. Raspberry-infused Quinoa: Upgrade your quinoa dishes by adding a tablespoon of this freeze-dried powder during the cooking process. The result is a mildly sweet, antioxidant-rich side that complements any main dish perfectly.
4. Raspberry Pancakes: Sprinkle a bit of this freeze-dried powder into your pancake mix for a resplendent raspberry flavour. Top with fresh berries and a dollop of Greek yoghurt for a nourishing breakfast everyone will love.
5. Raspberry Protein Shake: Boost your post-workout shake with this powerful powder. It will not only add a tantalizing raspberry hint to your shake but also provide a great dose of vital nutrients your body needs to recover.
6. Raspberry Oat Bars: Combine oats, honey, nut butter, and a dash of freeze-dried raspberry powder for a nutritious snack you can take on-the-go. These bars are perfect for satisfying sweet cravings without the guilt!
7. Raspberry Yogurt Parfaits: Layer Greek yogurt, granola, and a generous sprinkle of this nutritious powder for a creamy, tangy treat your family will love. It's a dessert that is as beneficial as it is delicious.
8. Raspberry Roasted Veggies: Add a surprising twist to your usual roasted vegetables by dusting them with a blend of freeze-dried raspberry powder and herbs before baking. This technique adds a refreshing berry undertone to the veggies.
9 Raspberry Buckwheat Porridge: Stir this powder into your cooked buckwheat for a nutrient-dense breakfast bowl. Top with a handful of nuts and seeds for added texture and a protein boost.
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