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Nice & Natural Protein Chocolate Bar Peanuts & Almonds

Nice & Natural Protein Chocolate Bar Peanuts & Almonds

At nice & natural we know that it can be a challenge finding a convenient and great tasting snack that will satisfy your cravings. That's why we've made these protein chocolate bars by combining a delicious mix of peanuts and almonds with real milk chocolate to deliver 25% protein per bar*. With a source of protein, fibre and no artificial colours or flavours, these protein chocolate bars are a great tasting pick me up, perfect for on the go. *Approximate per bar.

Recipe Ideas with Nice & Natural Protein Chocolate Bar Peanuts & Almonds

1. Protein Chocolate Bar Pancakes: A simple yet delightful breakfast idea, integrating the Nice & Natural Protein Chocolate Bar into your regular pancake batter. Enjoy a protein-packed breakfast.
2. Peanut & Almond Granola Bars: A great on-the-go snack option. By blending chopped protein chocolate bars with oats, dried fruit, and honey, you can create your granola bars rich in fiber and protein.
3. Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie: A healthy and delicious start to your day. Blend bananas, a Nice & Natural Protein Chocolate Bar, peanut butter, and low-fat milk together to make a revitalizing smoothie.
4. Protein Bar Brownies: A delightful treat with added protein. Crumble the protein bars into your favorite brownie mix for a healthy upgrade of a classic dessert.
5. Almond and Peanut Chocolate Rice Cakes: Perfect for a quick snack. Layer rice cakes with almond butter and top them with chunks of the Nice & Natural Protein Chocolate Bar.
6. Banana Protein Muffins: A perfect breakfast or mid-afternoon snack. Mix chopped Protein Chocolate Bars within your banana muffin batter for a nutrient-rich treat.
7. Yogurt Parfait with Chocolate Crunch: A perfect dessert or breakfast. Layer Greek yogurt, berries, and crumbled protein bars for a tasty parfait packed with protein.
8. Protein Bites: An energy-boosting snack or breakfast. Combine Nice & Natural Protein Chocolate Bars with oats, chia seeds, and honey, roll into small balls and chill before enjoying.
9. Chocolate Peanut-butter Fruit Dip: An exciting way to ignite your kids' love for fruit. Melt down the protein bars, mix with peanut butter to create a healthy and protein-rich dip for fruit skewers. 
10. Trail Mix with a Protein Punch: A sustaining snack for long walks or hikes. Mix chunks of the Nice & Natural Protein Chocolate Bar with nuts, seeds, and dried fruits for a flavorful and nutritious trail mix.

Remember that despite the added protein and fiber content, these bars still contain sugar, so moderation is key. Enjoy these delectable meal ideas that are not only family-friendly, but also catered towards a healthier, more balanced diet. Enjoy cooking!Nice & Natural Protein Chocolate Bar Peanuts & Almonds
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