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Organic MCT+ Power Powder - Natural

Organic MCT+ Power Powder - Natural

Certified Organic MCT+ Power Powder - Natural Unflavoured Niulife MCT+ Power Powder is a vegan, keto friendly and 100% certified organic powder formulated using organic coconut derived medium chain triglycerides (MCT) fortified with prebiotic Acacia fibre. The perfect super boost for your smoothies and shakes, Power Powder delivers fast, lean energy within minutes, giving you the boost you need to supercharge your workouts!
100% Certified Organic Delivers rapid, clean energy Easily digestible and supports gut health Boosts your metabolism & cognitive peformance Vegan, keto friendly & gluten-free Free from nuts, grains and sugar Optimised for ketones! Pure coconut-derived medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) are easily absorbed and digested, giving you the raw energy you need to power through your day!
Size: 400g Tub

Recipe Ideas with Organic MCT+ Power Powder

1. "MCT-Fortified Morning Smoothie" - Start your day with a smoothie bursting with the goodness of fruits and the energy-boosting Organic MCT+ Power Powder. Simply toss in bananas, strawberries, almond milk, and a scoop of the powder into a blender for a nutritious breakfast. 
2. "Boosted Oatmeal" - Jazz up your regular oatmeal by stirring in a spoonful of Organic MCT+ Power Powder. Not only it gives an energy boost but it also helps in making the oatmeal creamier and heartier.
3. "Supercharge Workout Shake" - Mix this power powder with your preferred protein shake ingredients, to prepare an energy-packed beverage, perfect to consume before your workout for a dramatic boost in energy.
4. "Healthy Pancakes" - Incorporate this power powder in your pancake batter for a healthful lift. You would love the soft, fluffy pancakes that also offer a potent dose of clean energy.
5. "Zesty Power Salad Dressing" - Use Organic MCT+ Power Powder as a base for your salad dressing. Blend it with lemon juice, herbs and a bit of olive oil to create an easy and nutritious dressing that would make your salads even healthier. 
6. "Healthy Soup Thickener" - Add it to soups to get the desired thickness without having to use creams or flours. It can be a great rice or pasta substitute for your favorite soup recipes.
7. "Stir-Fry Seasoning Boost" - Add a tablespoon of Power Powder into your stir fry seasoning mix. It grants the dish a subtle, unique flavor while providing the benefits of healthful MCTs.
8. "Organic MCT+ Pizza Dough" - Elevate your homemade pizza dough by incorporating this power-packed ingredient. You’ll get a crispier crust packed with not only flavor but also nutrition.
9. "Healthful Baked Goods" - Use the powder in your baking recipes; muffins, cookies, brownies, you name it. Your goodies will not just taste good but also provide a nutritious boost.
10. "Protein Bowl Enhancer" - Sprinkle a bit of Power Powder over your protein bowl. It pairs well with a variety of flavors and gives your favorite dish an added zest.

These creative, health-focused ways of integrating Organic MCT+ Power Powder into your meals will make your culinary journey even more rewarding. Enjoy the myriad benefits of this unmatched product in your everyday recipes. The potential is simply endless!
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