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Organic Flax Fibre

Organic Flax Fibre

Waihi Bush Organic Flax Fibre - Original is milled from the certified organic defatted Flaxseed (Linum usitatissimum - Linseed). The fibre is high quality, unrefined, containing no toxic substances or cholesterol. It is packaged in the absence of light, air and reactive metals and packaged in black HDPE plastic under an inert gas blanket to further protect it against light and oxygen.

Flax Fibre - Original is a good source of well balanced, high-quality dietary fibre and source of Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids and protein.

Features of Flax Fibre - Original:
  • Flax Fibre - Original is 100% partially defatted Flaxseed meal which has been milled into a flour for your use
  • Flax Fibre - Original contains 45% dietary fibre, 10% Omega-3 and 32% high-quality protein
  • Gluten free so can be enjoyed by those that suffer from Coeliac Disease
  • Flax Fibre - Original is cold pressed in the absence of light, air and reactive metals and is certified organic
  • Flax Fibre - Original is packaged in recyclable, BPA free, black HDPE plastic under an inert gas blanket to further protect it against light and oxygen
Advantages of choosing Flax Fibre – Original:
  • Waihi Bush take the pure Flaxseed meal and mill it with the utmost care so that you get 100% pure goodness in every pottle
  • Flax Fibre - Original is a good source of high-quality dietary fibre, which can be used as a gentle and nutritious alternative to other Fibre supplements/bowel regulators
  • The authenticity of the batch by batch traceability, each pottle can be traced all the way back to the paddock where the seed was grown
  • Flax Fibre - Original has been produced in New Zealand and is Certified Organic by AsureQuality
Benefits of having Flax Fibre - Original in your diet:
  • Flax Fibre - Original is a good source of high-quality dietary fibre and provides a well-balanced source of soluble and insoluble dietary fibre, which contribute to regular laxation
  • Flax Fibre - Original is a finely milled organic Flaxseed meal that is a nutritional food for your whole family, with a low sugar level
  • Suitable for vegan and vegetarians wanting to add an extra nutritional boost to their daily diet
  • Flax Fibre - Original is a source of Vitamin B1, which contributes to normal energy production and psycological function
  • Flax Fibre - Original is a source of Magnesium which is necessary for normal carbohydrate metabolism, neurological and cardiac function
  • Flax Fibre - Original is a source of Lignans which act as antioxidants and plant oestrogens

Recipes for Organic Flax Fibre

1. Flax Fibre Pancakes: A delectable breakfast treat, this simple recipe incorporates Organic Flax Fibre into a classic pancake batter. With its excellent source of fibre and protein, this is an ideal way to kick start the morning with a nutrition-packed meal that will leave your family satisfied.
2. Flax Fibre Smoothie Bowl: Ripple organic Flax Fibre into your favorite fruit smoothie, pour it into a bowl, and top with granola, fresh fruits, and nuts. This vegan and gluten-free breakfast idea is not only visually appealing but also rich in essential nutrients such as Omega-3 and Vitamin B1.
3. Flax Fibre Honey-Coated Carrots: A delightful twist on a common side dish, this recipe involves roasting carrots until tender and then tossing them with a combination of honey, lemon juice, and Organic Flax Fibre. The Flax Fibre not only adds texture but also contributes to a regular laxation.
4. Flax Fibre Banana Bread: An amazing way to integrate a nutritional boost into your daily diet, this banana bread recipe uses Organic Flax Fibre as an alternative to conventional flour. High in dietary fibre and protein, this is one dessert you won't feel guilty indulging in.
5. Flax Fibre Vegetable Stir Fry: Stir-fry a selection of your favorite vegetables in a little oil, mixing in Organic Flax Fibre for an extra health boost. This dish is packed with a wide range of nutrients, including Magnesium, which is necessary for normal carbohydrate metabolism.
6. Oven-Baked Flax Fibre Chicken Nuggets: A healthy alternative to the usual fried fare, the chicken pieces are coated with a mixture of breadcrumbs, parmesan, and Flax Fibre then baked until golden. This is a colossal hit with the kids and adults alike while providing them with a well-rounded meal.
7. Flax Fibre Baked Apples: These delicious dessert treats involve hollowing out fresh apples and filling them with a mix of oats, cinnamon, brown sugar, and Organic Flax Fibre. Once baked, they become a decadently sweet dish that is high in dietary fibre.
8. Flax Fibre Quiche: The crust is made with a blend of gluten-free flour and Organic Flax Fibre, then filled with a custard mixture of eggs, milk, cheese, and vegetables. Both hearty and healthy, this is an excellent meal option suitable for any time of the day.
9. Flax Fibre Berry Muffins: Organic Flax Fibre is incorporated into these berry-packed muffins providing a well-balanced source of soluble and insoluble dietary fibre. These muffins offer a wonderful choice for a quick breakfast or mid-afternoon snack.
10. Flax Fibre Energy Balls: This no-bake recipe combines dates, coconut, almonds, and Flax Fibre to create bite-sized energy balls. Perfect for a quick pick-me-up snack during the day, these offer a naturally sweet taste and a boost of essential nutrients.
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