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Organic Chickpea CrispsTurmeric & Black Pepper

Organic Chickpea CrispsTurmeric & Black Pepper

These light and crunchy crisps have it all. Added nutrition of chickpeas. Dusting of superfood turmeric and black pepper for a little punch. Certified organic and making the world a better place. 
All ingredients are grown, harvested and baked without the use of any artificial inputs, ready for you to devour. Like all our products, they work to protect and the health of our earths soil and ecosystems by working in harmony with nature - the original proud provider of these snacks.

Recipes for Organic Chickpea Crisps - Turmeric & Black Pepper:

1. Healthy Breakfast Pizza: Begin your day with a healthy and satisfying pizza. The base is a lightly toasted Chickpea Crisp laden with freshly made tomato sauce and topped with low-fat mozzarella, spinach, and diced tomatoes. Finish with a dusting of Turmeric & Black Pepper for an extra burst of flavor and nutrition. 
2. Crispy Snack Bites: Dice avocado and cherry tomatoes, drizzle with olive oil and a squeeze of lemon. Pile these onto the Organic Chickpea Crisps for a protein-packed snack, complete with refreshing zest. The natural kick of the turmeric and black pepper flavors add depth without any artificial ingredients.
3. Lunch Box Heroes: Smear some cream cheese onto the turmeric and black pepper crisps and top with sliced cucumber. These make for an excellent lunchbox inclusion that will keep the kids energized throughout the day.
4. Energizing Afternoon Smoothie Bowl: Blend frozen fruit of choice with a scoop of yogurt. Pour into a bowl and top with broken Turmeric & Black Pepper chickpea crisps. The crunch of the crisps will be a delightful surprise amidst the smooth frozen fruit puree.
5. Chickpea CrispSoup Garnish: Crunch up the chickpea crisps and sprinkle them onto any soup to add a hearty texture and the health benefits of turmeric and black pepper. 
6. Nutritious Salad Topper: Add an exciting crunch to your regular greens by including broken Organic Chickpea Crisps as a salad topper. Dress with your favorite organic dressing for a healthy, satisfying meal.
7. Healthy Lasagna: Layer your lasagna with the chickpea crisps instead of traditional pasta sheets for a healthier take on the classic dish. The Turmeric & Black Pepper crisps will add a unique flavor profile that will have the family asking for seconds. 
8. Veggie Burger Sliders: Use your favorite veggie burger recipe and instead of a regular bun, use two Organic Chickpea Crisps. These make a satisfying and healthy dinner that goes down a treat with a side of coleslaw or salad.
9. Guacamole Scoops: Make your favorite guacamole recipe and instead of using regular tortilla chips, scoop up the guacamole with the crisp and flavorful turmeric & black pepper Chickpea Crisps.
10. Strawberry Shortcrisp: A fun take on the classic recipe, sandwich some fresh strawberries and whipped cream between two crisps for a quick yet delicious dessert. With the crunch, creamy sweetness, and the savory turmeric & black pepper notes from the crisps, it's sure to be a hit.

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