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Orange Choc Chip Protein Cookie

Orange Choc Chip Protein Cookie

Justine's Orange Choc Chip Protein Cookies are freshly baked, keto friendly and delivering a guilt free, yet smart snacking solution. A healthier version of your traditional choc chip cookie but with zesty citrus orange flavours & dark chocolate chunks that melt in your mouth.
This delicious soft baked cookie has extremely low carbs with a total of 2.5g & 0.9g sugars per 60g serve. It's high in protein delivering 16.1g of protein, wheat and gluten free, high in fibre (20% RDI) to keep the gut healthy & delivers 27% RDI of calcium for strong bones along with the benefits of no added sugar!
This zesty orange flavoured protein cookie studded with dark choc chips will keep you fuller for longer, making it the perfect on-the-go alternative. Long shelf life for the essential pantry item.

Recipes for Orange Choc Chip Protein Cookie:

Recipe Idea 1: Orange Choc Chip Protein Pancakes
Begin your day with a fusion of flavors in these protein-packed pancakes. Blend the Orange Choc Chip Protein Cookies to a fine crumb and incorporate them into your conventional pancake batter. The zesty citrus and dark chocolate notes would enliven your morning, offering a health-conscious and delectable breakfast.
Recipe Idea 2: High Protein Choc Orange Parfait
 Our protein cookie can be transformed into an indulgent yet highly nutritious dessert. Layer cookie crumbles, sugar-free vanilla yogurt, and fresh berries. The tangy notes of the orange coupled with the decadent dark chocolate and fresh fruits would offer a satisfying and healthy treat for any time of the day.
Recipe Idea 3: Orange Choc Chip Protein Smoothie Bowl
 For a filling breakfast or a refreshing snack, blend the Orange Choc Chip Protein Cookie with almond milk, frozen bananas, and a spoon full of almond butter. The introduction of a cookie in the wholesome mix makes this smoothie bowl a hit amongst kids.
Recipe Idea 4: Protein-Packed Trifle
 An inventive dessert idea is to create a protein-packed trifle using our Orange Choc Chip Protein Cookie. Layer cookie bits with sugar-free custard and mixed fruits for a cute and nutritious dessert option. Don't forget to add a dollop of whipped cream on top for the ultimate indulgence!
Recipe Idea 5: Quick Protein Oatmeal
 In a hurry? No worries! Serve oatmeal topped with crumbled Orange Choc Chip Protein Cookie for a quick, nutritious, and hearty breakfast. With the addition of these cookies, oats will never be boring again.
Recipe Idea 6: Power-Packed Protein Muffins
 Bake delicious and healthy muffins by using crumbled Orange Choc Chip Protein Cookies in your muffin mix. The hint of zesty orange and chocolate notes will create an irresistible, protein-rich snack that's perfect for on the go.
Recipe Idea 7: Healthy Chocolate Orange Ice Cream
 For a healthier version of the classic chocolate orange ice cream, blend a portion of protein cookie crumbs, frozen bananas, and a dash of cocoa. This guilt-free treat will satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping you full and delivering essential nutrients. 

These recipes, with their inclusion of our Orange Choc Chip Protein Cookie, demonstrate how dessert time can form an essential part of family nutrition, providing not only the much-needed protein boost but also high fiber, low-carb, and wheat and gluten-free benefits.

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