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Nuttelex with Coconut Oil

Nuttelex with Coconut Oil

Nuttelex with Coconut Oil is the newest addition to the range. Made with the goodness of pure coconut oil, you'll love it in curries, to fry-up your brekky and bake in cakes too. It's the world's first Australian made and 100% palm oil free table spread (including emulsifiers) to be sold nationally in supermarkets.
5 cents from every tub sold is donated to protect Oragutan habitat in Borneo.

Recipes for Nuttelex with Coconut Oil:

1. Coconut Oil French Toast: Give a zest to your breakfast with Nuttelex with Coconut Oil. It provides a crisp golden exterior to the bread, giving it a slight hint of coconut flavor. A nutritious start for your family!
2. Curry Roasted Vegetables: Take advantage of Nuttelex with Coconut Oil to jazz up your veggie roasts by adding a light curry glaze. This dish is packed with nutrients and is a satisfying side dish that pairs with any meal.
3. Coconut Oil Popcorn: Swap your traditional butter for Nuttelex with Coconut Oil for a movie night snack. The light coconut flavor gives a unique twist to popcorn while keeping it dairy-free and healthy. 
4. Quinoa and Coconut Stir fry: Use Nuttelex with Coconut Oil to stir fry quinoa, assorted veggies, and your choice of protein together. This well-balanced meal option is full of essential nutrients, perfect for a family dinner. 
5. Coconut Oil Grilled Cheese: Update your classic grilled cheese by using Nuttelex with Coconut Oil. It gives the bread a nice toasty exterior with slight coconut nuances, and is a family-friendly, allergen-free lunch option!
6. Banana and Coconut Pancakes: Make weekend breakfast fun and healthy with these pancakes. Use Nuttelex with Coconut Oil to give them an enjoyable coconut touch, while keeping it light and fluffy. 
7. Coconut Oil Biscuits: Perfect for baking, Nuttelex with Coconut Oil brings a unique flavor to your sweet biscuits. These are perfect to serve during evening tea, and kids would love them in their snack boxes. 
8. Sauteed Spinach with Garlic: Sautee spinach in Nuttelex with Coconut Oil for a quick and easy side dish. The rich coconut flavor enhances the taste while keeping it lip-smackingly healthy!
9. Coconut Oil Fried Rice: Give your regular fried rice a nutritious and flavorful twist. Nuttelex with Coconut Oil helps make delectable fried rice that is enjoyed by everyone.
10. Baked Sweet Potato Fries: Ditch the extra calories and opt for a healthy snack. Toss the sweet potato slices with Nuttelex with Coconut Oil before baking. A delightful snack that is not only enjoyable but also healthy!
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