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Naturkidz Fruit CrispzGold Kiwi Slices

Naturkidz Fruit CrispzGold Kiwi Slices

Hey there, super-snack buyers! Get ready to dive into the world of snacking fun with our New Zealand grown and made NaturKidz Fruit Crispz – Gold Kiwi Slices. We believe that snacking doesn’t have to be just yum or just healthy or just easy, it can be all three!

Say goodbye to snack time woes and hello to your new fave thing!

Gold Kiwi is the powerhouse of Vitamin C. Vit C is great for immunity and everyone knows that kids are the powerhouse of bugs so get NaturKidz Gold Kiwi Slices in there, stat! One pack has around 155% of your recommended daily intake of Vit C. Nice!

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