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Naturkidz Fruit CrispzApple Sticks & Blueberry

Naturkidz Fruit CrispzApple Sticks & Blueberry

Kia ora clever snack buyer! Struggling with healthy snack ideas they’ll actually eat?  Whether they’re trying to find that toy you donated 2 months ago, heading out on a playground expedition or a sofa-cushion safari, NaturKidz Fruit Crispz – Apple Sticks and Blueberry are the ideal crunchy sidekick.

Toss a pouch in their lunchbox, and thank us later!

These have got to be the easiest way to get fruit into your kids, a beautiful blend of apple and blueberries – neither of which are going to come home again to be found weeks later at the bottom of the school bag resembling a compost bin. Each pack is loaded with the yummiest fuel your tiny adventurers need for their next big quest with around 97% of nutrients from the fruit retained when we make them. Perfect!

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