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Naturkidz Fruit CrispzApple & Feijoa Sticks

Naturkidz Fruit CrispzApple & Feijoa Sticks

Prepare for a flavour explosion that tickles the taste buds! From cheek-puckering (in the very best of ways) organic New Zealand Feijoa Sticks to grin-inducing New Zealand Apple Sticks, NaturKidz Fruit Crispz leave your little ones grinning from ear to ear.

There’s laughter in every crunch*!

Snack time as fun and easy as playtime?  You bet!  We’ve put all the ingredients together to make it easy for you, savvy snack buyer! No dodgy ingredients here and we retain around 97% of the nutrients of the fruit. Can we give you giggles in every delicious bite? Maybe.

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