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Mccain Corn Super Juicy Kernels

Mccain Corn Super Juicy Kernels

Our recipe is simple: good food starts from real ingredients. Sweet and tender super juicy corn kernels picked for perfection & snap frozen for freshness.

Recipe Ideas with Mccain Corn Super Juicy Kernels

1. Creamy Corn Soup: Start your meal with our creamy corn soup. It's rich in nutrients, easy to digest, and perfect for a cozy dinner. 
2. Corn Fritters: These appetizers are crispy on the outside and soft inside, made with super juicy corn kernels that provide a burst of sweetness in every bite. 
3. Mexican Style Corn Salad: A refreshing side dish packed with corn, black beans, fresh veggies, and a tangy dressing. It's a great source of dietary fiber and protein.
4. Corn and Chicken Stir Fry: Quick to prepare, this dish combines McCain's corn kernels with chicken and other veggies all stir-fried to perfection. It offers a good balance of carbs, protein, and fiber.
5. Corn Salsa: Serve this bright, fresh mixture of McCain's corn, tomatoes, and lime for a zingy side dish or a hearty dip for chips at your next family gathering.
6. Homestyle Cornbread: This comforting dish with Mccain Corn Super Juicy Kernels baked into it is a delightfully sweet and savory combo. It's an ideal choice for a hearty breakfast or snack. 
7. Grilled Corn on a Cob: Brush our corn with butter and seasoning and then grill to perfection. This tasty nibble is loved by both kids and adults.
8. Corn and Shrimp Paella: An inspiring dish that combines McCain's sweet corn with savory shrimp and fragrant saffron, offering a flavorful experience packed with fiber and protein. Good for a family feast. 
9. Corn and Tuna Pasta Salad: A healthy lunch option or dinner side dish, this pasta salad recipe uses corn, tuna, and veggies that kids love! 
10. Corn and Zucchini Pancakes: These pancakes are easy to make and are full of juicy corn and shredded zucchini. They make a perfect snack or breakfast dish that's high in fiber and vitamins. 
11. Creamed Corn Casserole: This comforting, creamy dish uses Mccain Corn Super Juicy Kernels combined with bell pepper, onions, and breadcrumbs. It's a great way to add vegetables to your family's diet.
12. Corn and Avocado Salsa Tacos: These healthy and delicious tacos are ideal for a light lunch or dinner. The corn and avocado salsa offers a nutritious, flavorful crunch.
13. Corn and Quinoa Salad: This nutritious salad combines the sweetness of corn with protein-rich quinoa and colourful veggies, making it a balanced, satisfying meal. 
14. Corn and Chicken Quesadilla: Easy to make, this dish features warmed tortillas stuffed with savory chicken, sweet corn, and cheese. A delightful dinner that’s kid-approved.
15. Corn and Sweet Potato Hash: This dish is a hearty meal perfect for breakfast or dinner. It combines nutritious sweet potatoes and sweet corn, giving every bite a balanced mix of flavors.

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