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Massel Ultracubes Stock Cubes Chicken Style

Massel Ultracubes Stock Cubes Chicken Style

A great stock can lift a meal from ordinary to sensational. But how many of us have time to make our own?As the preferred brand of stock cubes above all others, Massel Ultracubes prides itself on being the flavour maker in your cooking in place of adding salt. Put more flavour and less salt in your food with Massel gluten-free stock cubes. Only the finest premium vegetables, herbs, extra virgin olive oil and pure sea salt are used.

Recipe Ideas with Massel Ultracubes Stock Cubes Chicken Style

1. Chicken-Style Risotto: This classic Italian dish gets a healthy twist with Massel Ultracubes Stock Cubes Chicken Style. The stock provides a rich, hearty base for the risotto, while the cubes ensure that you get the perfect dose of flavor in every bite.
2. Warming Soup: Beat the winter chills with a nourishing bowl of soup, made more flavorful with the chicken-style stock cubes. An excellent source of comfort, this soup can include vegetables, beans, and pasta, making it a wholesome meal for the whole family.
3. Hearty Chicken-Style Gravy: Make your roast dinners more exciting with Massel Ultracubes Stock Cubes Chicken Style. It not only enhances the flavor but also ensures your gravy is thick, rich, and brimming with deliciousness.
4. Stir-Fried Veggies: Toss your favorite vegetables in a stir fry and let the stock cubes enhance the taste. Infusing the dish with savory goodness, your family will love this healthful treat.
5. Braised Tofu: Marinate Tofu in a broth made with Massel's chicken-style stock cubes. After braizing, the result would be a flavorful tofu that's not only yummy but also protein-packed.
6. Mashed Potatoes with a Twist: Add a cube to your boiling water when making mashed potatoes. This unexpected addition imparts a lovely flavor, making your mashed potatoes an instant hit.
7. Healthful Couscous: Create a delicious couscous side dish by adding in a chicken-style stock cube. The cube gives the couscous a seasoned taste, making the dish more palatable.
8. Italian Minestrone: This hearty Italian soup can be made healthier and full of flavor with Massel's chicken-style stock cubes. It's a bowl filled with heart-healthy vegetables and satisfactory broth.
9. Breakfast Scrambled Eggs: Level up your breakfast game by adding a dissolved chicken-style stock cube into scrambled eggs before cooking. This would result to a flavorful and savory breakfast meal.
10. Chicken-Style Pasta Sauce: Add depth to your pasta sauce by including stock cubes. It not only increases the flavor but also ensures your sauce is thick and hearty, exactly how a good sauce should be! 

Each of these dishes takes the simple act of cooking to the next level by incorporating Massel Ultracubes Stock Cubes. Say goodbye to bland meals and hello to flavorful family feasts!

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