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Massel Premium Gravy Powder Chicken Style

Massel Premium Gravy Powder Chicken Style

Massel are bringing back Real Gravy flavour!Massel takes the finest quality ingredients and blends them with care to make a premium gravy that delivers amazing results whilst being suitable for all people – from meat lovers to vegans.You’ve worked hard to make your meal a masterpiece, now rely on Massel to deliver that restaurant quality flavour you’re looking for.Unique Plant Based Gravy with all the benefits you’d expect from Massel including Low FODMAP & Gluten Free.Pour over your favourite Vegetable or Meat dishes to add a rich, sumptuous flavour and texture.Preparation: Place 3 level tbsp of gravy mix into a heatproof measuring jug. Make up to 250ml with boiling water while stirring well with a fork for 1 minute or until mixed well.Serving size information: 1/4 cup (0.21oz) is low FODMAP, 21 serves per canister.

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