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Manawa Rewarewa Honey

Manawa Rewarewa Honey

Our rewarewa honey won the 2021 black jar international honey tasting contest in usa to become the ‘best tasting honey in the world’. Our rewarewa honey also won silver medals in the london honey awards and nz outstanding food producers awards. Rewarewa honey is packed full of beneficial properties – anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. The rich, full colour and flavour of our rewarewa honey harks back to its origins in the ancient forests of te urewera. This honey has been judged in contests to have a ‘depth of flavour – intense and floral’. Rewarewa honey is best with spicy or savoury dishes, strong cheeses, or as an elixir straight from the jar. Manawa means heart. We’re tuhoe from ruatahuna, at the heart of the fish, in the heart of te urewera. Our rewarewa honey is one of the range of honeys of te urewera. We built our honey business to sustain our people with jobs & good health, and to keep bees for the good of our place & planet.

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