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Maketu Chilled Single Pie Vege

Maketu Chilled Single Pie Vege

Vegetarian, Maketu Pies - honest to goodness, We still make them right here in Maketu, by hand, the original way just as Nana would have - and we bake them in a pie shop - not a factory. It's a real family business and many of our skilled team of pie-makers are now entering their third generation. Mum tests out all of pour recipes in the same old country kitchen. She gets them just right before allowing our latest flavours out into the world. Old-fashioned values? Maybe, but here at Maketu Pies, in our little piece of old New Zealand, we wouldn't have it any other way., The village of Maketu is placed among green fields, sparkling waters and golden beaches. It's the end of the line. no main roads go there and so it has always remained a little slice of New Zealand from a time gone by. It is here, over a quarter of a century ago, that my Father discovered my Grandmothers prized recipe for the perfect pie. Hand-rolled golden flakey pastry, filled with the freshest ingredients from the nearby fields, mixed with special herbs and spices, then baked to perfection with just a sprinkling of love, ensured the locals an honest-to-goodness feast. They sold like hot-cakes and the rest, as they say, is history.

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