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Lentil Coconut Fritters

Lentil Coconut Fritters

Turban Chopsticks Lentil and Coconut Fritters mixed with your favourite seafood or grated veggies create little bites that will delight friends, family and guests!
Mix, quickly shallow fry or bake and serve as fritters with your favourite sauces to bring a happy, satisfied smile in everyone’s tummies!

Recipes for Lentil Coconut Fritters:

1. Lentil Coconut Fritter Tacos:
Reimagine taco night with a healthy twist. Fill crunchy taco shells with Lentil Coconut Fritters, mixed with a medley of colorful, grated vegetables. Top with a refreshing avocado dressing and cotija cheese or dairy-free alternatives. This dish delivers a fusion of flavors, textures, and nutrients that the entire family will enjoy.
2. Lentil Coconut Fritter Lettuce Wraps:
 For a low-carb, nutty, and satisfying meal, use iceberg lettuce or romaine hearts as a wrap for your Lentil Coconut Fritters. Toss in grated carrots, bell peppers, and cucumbers for extra crunch. Drizzle with a tangy peanut sauce for an Asian-inspired flare.
3. Lentil Coconut Fritter Quinoa Salad:
 Combine warm, fluffy quinoa with fresh veggies like diced tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell peppers. Toss in your Lentil Coconut Fritters for added protein and fiber. A squeeze of lemon and a dash of olive oil serves as the perfect dressing. It's the ideal lunchbox pack for both kids and adults.
4. Baked Lentil Coconut Fritter Pasta:
 Mix Lentil Coconut Fritters with your favorite gluten-free or whole-grain pasta. Blend with a homemade tomato sauce, and bake topped with a layer of cheese or vegan alternatives. It’s an energetic, hearty dinner fit for those colder nights, ensuring warmth and nutrition.
5. Lentil Coconut Fritter Pizza:
 Get creative with homemade pizza night by using Lentil Coconut Fritters as a healthy topping. Spread vegan pesto on a gluten-free pizza base, sprinkle your Lentil Coconut Fritters, add vegetables of your choice, and bake to perfection.
6. Lentil Coconut Fritter Breakfast Muffins:
 In a well-greased muffin tin, combine whisked eggs with diced vegetables, Lentil Coconut Fritters, cheese, and fresh herbs. Bake until set. These protein-packed muffins are an excellent grab-and-go breakfast option.
7. Lentil Coconut Fritter Stuffed Bell Peppers:
 Hollow out colorful bell peppers and fill them with a mixture of Lentil Coconut Fritters, cooked quinoa or rice, and finely chopped veggies. Bake until the peppers are tender and the filling is heated through. 
8. Lentil Coconut Fritter Kale Salad:
 Toss finely chopped kale, cucumber, carrots, radishes, and Lentil Coconut Fritters in a tangy vinaigrette. Top with toasted seeds and nuts for added crunch. This salad is a powerhouse of micronutrients, fiber, and protein, ideal as a main or a side dish. 
9. Lentil Coconut Fritter Buddha Bowl:
 Create a nutritious Buddha bowl with a base of brown rice or quinoa, topped with an array of colorful veggies, Lentil Coconut Fritters, and completed with a scoop of hummus or guacamole. 
10. Lentil Coconut Fritter Soup:
 Incorporate Lentil Coconut Fritters into a hearty vegetable soup, delivering a nutrient-dense, comforting meal –perfect for rainy days or when someone in the family is feeling under the weather.
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