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Leda Golden Crunch (Anzac Style) Biscuits

Leda Golden Crunch (Anzac Style) Biscuits

A delicious gluten, dairy and egg free home-baked style cookie that is full of flavour and crunch.
These anzac-style cookies are perfect for enjoying with a cuppa – best of all they are gluten, dairy, wheat, egg and soy free and vegan suitable.
Keep a packet in your pantry to use in your favourite cheesecake recipe, slices, deserts and so much more!

Recipes for Leda Golden Crunch (Anzac Style) Biscuits:

1. Golden Crunch Apple Pie Filling: Add a health twist to your traditional apple pie filling by mixing crumbled Leda Golden Crunch Biscuits with baked apples and cinnamon. It enhances the natural sweetness and adds a surprising texture.
2. Granola Parfait: Layer crumbled Golden Crunch Biscuits with fruit, nuts and plant-based yogurt for a lip-smacking breakfast parfait packed with nutrition and fibre.
3. Anzac-Style Pancake Topping: Sprinkle crumbled biscuits over your morning stack of gluten-free pancakes to enjoy the distinctive taste of Anzac cookies with every syrupy bite.
4. Healthy Energy Bars: Combine Golden Crunch Biscuits with oats, dried fruit, and honey, press into a baking pan and refrigerate. The bars make a perfect on-the-go snack that isn't overly sweet yet highly satisfactory.
5. Gluten-Free Trail Mix: Toss diced Golden Crunch Biscuits, trail mix and dark chocolate chunks together for a snack that boosts energy and satisfies the sweet tooth.
6. Chia Pudding: Soak chia seeds in almond milk overnight, top with mixed berries and cacao nibs, then finally with crumbled Anzac-Style Leda Golden Crunch Biscuit for a protein-rich breakfast.
7. Aussie-Style Banana Pancakes: Blend bananas with gluten-free oats to make pancakes. Layer them with almond butter and crushed golden crunch biscuits.
8. Healthy Chocolate Mousse: Whip up a simple chocolate mousse using avocado, cacao powder and a sweetener of choice. Serve topped with crumbled Golden Crunch biscuits.
9. Fruit Crumble: Use crumbled Golden Crunch Biscuits as a topping for your favourite fruit crumble. The crunch is the perfect contrast to the soft, sweet dessert below. This allergy-friendly twist works great for families having dietary restrictions.

Remember, Leda Golden Crunch (Anzac Style) Biscuits are your perfect friends for planning creative and simple meals. Incorporating them in various recipes keeps things interesting and ensures you are consuming guilt-free, healthy snack options. Happy cooking!
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