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L'affare Primo Whole Beans Coffee

L'affare Primo Whole Beans Coffee

Big, bold & handsome Primo is our signature blend of the best coffees from Africa, Central and South America, expertly crafted after 25 years of being served in cafes throughout New Zealand. It?s full-bodied, big and complex and guilty of kick-starting Wellington's coffee culture.

Recipes for L'affare Primo Whole Beans Coffee:

1. **Breakfast Coffee Pancakes**
Jump-start your day with Pancakes flavoured with Primo Whole Beans Coffee. The robust flavors of African, Central and South American beans seep into the pancake batter, giving an unexpected twist to a classic breakfast food. Add a dollop of Greek yoghurt and fresh berries to top off this energizing breakfast treat.
3. **Coffee-Infuse Oatmeal**
 Make your ordinary oatmeal extraordinary by infusing Primo Whole Beans Coffee into it. The coffee lends a rich, full-bodied flavor to the oatmeal, making it a hearty, invigorating breakfast option. Top with fresh fruits and nuts for added nutrition.
4.  **Coffee and Cocoa Energy Balls**
 Get a quick energy boost with these coffee-infused energy balls. These bite-sized snacks use raw cocoa and Primo Whole Beans Coffee grounds, providing a rush of natural energy when needed. They are perfect for busy days, post-workout fuel, or an afternoon pick-me-up.
5. **Coffee Rub for BBQ**
 Nothing draws out the flavors of barbecued chicken or pork like a good rub. Use Primo Whole Beans Coffee grounds mixed with your favorite spices for a unique, mouthwatering rub that adds a smokey depth of flavor to your BBQ.
6.  **Iced Coffee Smoothie**
 Refresh your mornings with this iced coffee smoothie. Blend Primo Whole Beans Coffee with your choice of milk, yoghurt, and a touch of honey for added sweetness. Add ice cubes for that perfect icy blend, guaranteeing a morning energy boost in a refreshing package.
7. **Creamy Coffee Pasta**
 Add a dash of creativity to your dinner by preparing a creamy coffee pasta. Infuse Primo Whole Beans Coffee into your creamy pasta sauce for a surprising twist. It's a tasty way of integrating coffee into your main meal that the family will surely love.
8. **Coffee Spice Cake**
 Make your dessert indulgent with a hint of coffee by baking a coffee spice cake. The rich tones of Primo Whole Beans Coffee balance perfectly with the warmth of cinnamon and nutmeg, delivering a comforting slice of cake you'll enjoy.

Remember, the essence of cooking lies in experimenting with flavors. So, don't hesitate to test the versatility of the Primo Whole Beans Coffee in your kitchen!
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