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L'affare Primo Plunger & Filter Coffee

L'affare Primo Plunger & Filter Coffee

Big, bold & handsome Primo is our signature blend of the best coffees from Africa, Central and South America, expertly crafted after 25 years of being served in cafes throughout New Zealand. It's full-bodied, big and complex and guilty of kick-starting Wellington's coffee culture.

Recipes for L'affare Primo Plunger & Filter Coffee:

1. Coffee-infused Oatmeal Breakfast Bowl: Start the family's day off right with a heartwarming bowl of oatmeal enhanced with a rich hint of L'affare Primo Plunger & Filter Coffee. This is a perfect way to boost your family's morning energy while enjoying a wholesome breakfast.
2. Coffee Rubbed Ribs for Dinner: Make weekends special with these mouth-watering ribs, tenderly cooked with a savory rub of Primo coffee. This unique blend of coffee and spices will leave your family wanting more and it also adds a boosted antioxidant supply to your meal.
3. Primo Coffee Whole Grain Pancakes: Switch up the classic breakfast pancakes by adding in some coffee to your whole grain batter. The bold flavor of the Primo coffee blends well with the hearty grains creating an enticing dish that's perfect for a lazy Sunday morning.
4. Primo Coffee Smoothie Bowl: Make your typical breakfast smoothies more exciting with a hint of this bold coffee blend. Enjoy the kick of caffeine alongside a mix of your favorite fruits, nuts, and yogurt for a fulfilling start to the day. 
6. Primo Coffee Chocolate Bark: A perfect sweet treat for the family, this blend of dark chocolate and Primo coffee makes an irresistible after-dinner delight. 
7. Coffee Avocado Toast: Kickstart your day in an unconventional way by spreading a savory coffee-infused avocado mash onto your toasted bread. This is a brilliant way to integrate the coffee's complex flavor into a quick and nutritious breakfast.
10. Primo Coffee Breakfast Muffins: Incorporate the hint of L'affare Primo coffee in traditional breakfast muffins for a flavorful twist. It's not only a satisfying start to the morning but also an ideal snack packed with nutrients.
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