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Kong Foo Sing Snacks Fortune Cookies

Kong Foo Sing Snacks Fortune Cookies

Happiness Is A Kong Foo Sing Fortune Cookie. For six centuries, the Han Dynasty of Northern China had celebrated a good harvest with their August Moon Festival. In the 13th and 14th centuries, their Mongolian rulers (or Yuan Dynasty), were concerned that they might be overthrown by thier subjects. So great did they see this threat, that they sent a Warlord to every village to confiscate all the people's weapons. This act resulted in exactly what the Mongolians had feared - a plan of revolt. The Chinese chose the 15th of August as the day the uprising would commence and, under the guise of celebrating harvest, cakes were sent around to all the people. Inside the 'Moon' cakes was a message indicating the time the revolt would take place. This historic event inspired what is now the very happy tradition of breaking open a delicious Kong Foo Sing Fortune Cookie and finding messages of very good fortune. Cookies with Fortune Horoscopes. View more
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