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Kokako Organic Coffee Aotea Whole Beans

Kokako Organic Coffee Aotea Whole Beans

The Original house blend from Kokako. Arabica beans have been selected from Fairtrade co-operatives in Papua New Guinea, Mexico and Sumatra to create a floral, fruity and earthy with a medium acidity. Certified Organic by BioGro NZ.

Recipes for Kokako Organic Coffee Aotea Whole Beans:

1. Coffee Marinated Steak: Delight your family with the robust flavour of steak marinated in Kokako Organic Coffee Aotea whole beans. Grilling draws out the full-bodied, earthy coffee notes, creating a unique, complex taste profile that meat lovers will appreciate.
2. Morning Mocha Smoothie Bowl: Kickstart your day with a refreshing smoothie bowl mixed with the fruity zest of Kokako Organic Coffee Aotea. This energising breakfast features a smoothie base, a handful of your favourite fruits, granola, and a dash of coffee for that invigorating wake-up call.
4. Coffee Roasted Nuts: Create a healthy snack alternative with a blend of your preferred nuts coated in a thin layer of coffee. The aroma exuded as the Kokako Organic Coffee Aotea roasts with the nuts brings a new level of taste sophistication.
5. Mocha Pancake Stack: Introduce a hint of coffee through these fluffy pancakes perfect for brunch. Subtly sweetened with the fruity essence of Kokako Organic Coffee Aotea, these pancakes pair well with a refreshing fruit salad.
6. Coffee Rub Chicken Wings: Impress your family with these savoury grilled chicken wings coated in a dry rub of Kokako Organic Coffee Aotea. The coffee imparts a deep, smoky flavor that will tantalise their taste buds.
9. Chilled Coffee Jelly: A delightful light dessert made with Kokako Organic Coffee Aotea beans. The coffee's floral undertones shine through in refreshing chilled bites, a hit with both adults and kids.
10. Mocha Brownie Bites: Whipping up both a dessert and a snack, these gluten-free, bite-sized brownies incorporate a hint of coffee, and are perfect for the chocolate and coffee lovers in your family.
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