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Kokako Classic Drinking Chocolate

Kokako Classic Drinking Chocolate

It's rare that a product ticks every eco box, so here goes: yummy Kokako hot chocolate is made locally in Auckland, certified Fair Trade and certified organic, is totally vegan and is even packaged in recyclable cardboard with compostable bio-plastic!

Recipes for Kokako Classic Drinking Chocolate:

1. "Kokako Hot Cocoa Pancakes" - Start your mornings right with these vegan pancakes that use Kokako Classic Drinking Chocolate in the batter. They are light, fluffy, and have a hint of delicious, Fair Trade certified hot chocolate flavor. The perfect sweet start to your day.
2. "Kokako Chocolate Banana Smoothie Bowl" - A breakfast bowl that is as nutritious as it is tasty! Blend bananas with spinach, almond milk, and a spoonful of Kokako Classic Drinking Chocolate for a sweet, smooth base. Top with your favorite fresh fruits, seeds, and nuts.
3. "Kokako Mocha Avocado Mousse" - A guilt-free dessert that doubles as a superfood! Combine ripe avocados, Kokako Classic Drinking Chocolate, and a dash of espresso for a velvety mousse that is full of vitamins, minerals, and good fats. 
4. "Kokako Chocolate Chili" - Give your usual dinner a twist by adding a few tablespoons of the Kokako Classic Drinking Chocolate to your chili recipe. It gives the chili a depth of flavor and a subtle sweetness that your family will surely enjoy.
5. "Kokako Chocolate Dusted Popcorn" - For a health-conscious, movie night snack, try dusting air-popped popcorn with Kokako Classic Drinking Chocolate. It's a fun way to get one's chocolate fix without too much added sugar.
6. "Kokako Chocolate Almond Energy Balls" - Need a quick energy boost during the day? These no-bake energy balls made with almond butter, oats, honey, and a dose of Kokako Classic Drinking Chocolate are just the thing. 
7. "Kokako Chocolate Zucchini Bread" - Sneak some vegetables into your family's afternoon snack by adding grated zucchini into your chocolate bread batter. Use Kokako Classic Drinking Chocolate for a rich, chocolaty flavor that no one can resist.
8. "Kokako Hot Chocolate Oatmeal" - Give your morning oatmeal a makeover by stirring in some Kokako Classic Drinking Chocolate into it. Top with berries for a hearty and satisfying breakfast.
9. "Kokako Chocolate Quinoa Porridge" - Make your morning porridge more exciting by adding Kokako Classic Drinking Chocolate. Paired with protein-rich quinoa, it makes a fulfilling and healthy breakfast.
10. "Kokako Chocolate Hummus" A unique way to make hummus! Blend chickpeas with Kokako Classic Drinking Chocolate, tahini, and a bit of maple syrup for a sweet twist on the traditional dip.
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