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Keto Creamer Caramel

Keto Creamer Caramel

Before You Speak Keto Creamer Caramel is a keto friendly alternative for coffee loaded with coconut, MCT, avocado oil, acacia fibre and naturally sweetened with stevia. This coffee creamer is packed full of natural ingredients and can be added to your recipes, shakes and smoothies for that extra dose of healthy fats and prebiotic fibre.

Recipe Ideas with Keto Creamer Caramel

1. Caramel Frappuccino with Keto Creamer: A refreshing and creamy iced beverage that integrates the Keto Creamer Caramel. Swirled with the sauce for a hint of sweetness, it is perfect for a quick afternoon pick-me-up that won't break your diet restrictions. 
2. Keto Creamer Caramel Overnight Oats: An easy, no-cook breakfast option where the oats get to soak overnight in the creamy blend of almond milk and Keto Creamer Caramel. The caramel gives the oats a distinctly sweet and indulgent taste, making this dish a healthy and exciting breakfast option.
3. Creamy Caramel Frosting: Made from a mixture of cream cheese, butter and Keto Creamer Caramel, this frosting is the perfect answer to your diet-friendly cake icing needs. It’s full of flavour and healthy fats without the usual carbs and sugar.
4. Caramel Whipped Coffee: A unique twist on your usual coffee with a dollop of whipped cream. Mix in the Keto Creamer Caramel for an extra dose of health benefits and a surprisingly sweet kick that satisfies your palate without the guilt.
5. Keto Caramel Smoothie: Prepared with a blend of avocado, almond milk, and a dash of the Keto Creamer Caramel. This power-packed nutritious smoothie is a perfect start to the day. 
6. Creamy Caramel Protein Pancakes: For a filling and flavourful breakfast, incorporate the Keto Creamer Caramel into your pancake batter. It perfectly enhances the taste of the pan-fried batter. Top with a sugar-free syrup and some fruit for additional taste and nutrients.
7. Energy-boosting Caramel Shake: Combine your protein powder with some chilled almond milk and Keto Creamer Caramel for a taste bud pleasing and stomach-filling snack. 
8. Caramel Ice Cream: Satisfy your dessert cravings with homemade ice cream using avocado, coconut milk, vanilla extract and the Keto Creamer Caramel. Creamy, delicious and completely health-conscious!
9. Caramel Coconut Rice Pudding: A nutrient-dense twist on your traditional rice pudding recipe. Cook the rice with coconut milk, sweeten with the Keto Creamer Caramel, and finish off with crunchy toasted coconut flakes.
10. Hot Caramel Latte: Upgrade your morning routine with a latte using Keto Creamer Caramel. All the joy of a warming caramel drink without the usual sugars. A wonderful and healthy way to kick-start your day! 

Remember, versatility is key when it comes to using the Keto Creamer Caramel. Exercise your creativity and pair it with other healthy ingredients for a range of delicious and health-bearing meals and beverages.
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