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Karma Summer Orangeade Can

Karma Summer Orangeade Can

Whatever the season you can brighten your day with the taste of Summer!
Made with juicy organic valencia oranges and lashings of sunshine, sourced from the wild San Luis Potosi region in Mexico and lifted by a dash of Fairtrade organic sugar. Go on, take a sip and savour the warmth of Summer!

Recipe Ideas with Karma Summer Orangeade

1. Orangeade Chicken and Veggie Stir-Fry: Use Karma Summer Orangeade to create a vibrant citrus-based sauce to flavor your stir-fry. Not only does it have a delightful tang, but it also enhances the nutritional content due to the Valencia oranges.
2. Orangeade Infused Pancakes: Incorporate the orangeade into your traditional pancake mix for an exciting breakfast twist. The orange juice will add a refreshing summer note, making breakfast a tasty affair.
3. Orangeade Glazed Salmon: Pair your fresh salmon with a sweet and tangy glaze made using Karma Summer Orangeade. The fusion of flavors will highlight the dish's succulence, creating a delightful dinner delight.
4. Orangeade Fruit Salad: Drizzle Karma Summer Orangeade over a colorful assortment of fruits to add an unexpected depth of flavor. It would make for a fun and nutritious snack any time of the day.
5.Orangeade Quinoa Salad: Trade your vinaigrette for orangeade in your quinoa salad to amp up the flavor and health benefits. The sweet citrusy notes will bind with the taste of the fresh veggies making it an appealing meal choice.
6. Orangeade Braised Chicken: Use Karma Summer Orangeade as a braising liquid for your chicken. It will impart a delicate orange flavor and keep the chicken succulent, enhancing your family's dining experience.
7. Orangeade Overnight Oats: Blend Karma Summer Orangeade into your overnight oats for a refreshing note in your morning meal. The fusion of oats with the sweet-sour orangeade will feel like a treat to your tastebuds.
8. Orangeade Marinated Shrimp: Marinating your shrimp in Karma Summer Orangeade can yield a fantastic flavor profile. The subtle sweetness with a hint of tanginess will enrich the shrimp's natural taste.
9. Orangeade Smoothie: Combine your Karma Summer Orangeade with some fresh fruits like bananas, strawberries, and peaches to make a vibrant smoothie. Perfect for a quick breakfast or an energizing snack.
10. Orangeade Popsicles: Pour Karma Summer Orangeade into popsicle moulds and freeze them. Simple yet effective, these popsicles will be a hit with your children, giving them a burst of vitamin C in a delicious package. 

Don't forget to enjoy the fun of cooking with Karma Summer Orangeade, involving your family to create memorable meals together!
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