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Inner Atlas Dawn Adaptogenic Blend - Cacao & Medicinal Mushrooms with Kakadu Plum

Inner Atlas Dawn Adaptogenic Blend - Cacao & Medicinal Mushrooms with…

Start your day with lasting energy and enjoy the benefits of medicinal mushrooms. The perfect wake-up call, especially if you're looking to take a break from caffeine and the crash that often follows. Rich Peruvian Cacao and a hint of warming spice, deliciously infused with adaptogenic Cordyceps and Turkey Tail mushrooms, Australian Native Kakadu Plum, and the highest quality organic ingredients.

Recipes for Inner Atlas Dawn Adaptogenic Blend:

1. Mushroom-Cacao Pancakes: These breakfast pancakes elevate your morning with the energy-boosting properties of the Inner Atlas Dawn Adaptogenic Blend. Mixed with wholegrain flour and coconut milk, they are naturally sweetened with bananas and a touch of maple syrup making them a family-friendly start to the day.

2. Warm Strolghino and Mushroom-Cacao Bruschetta: Spread a cacao-mushroom cream, obtained by blending the adaptogenic mix with spreadable cheese, on a slice of toasted sourdough. Top with strips of Strolghino, a deliciously soft and light Italian salami, and fresh arugula for a quick and unique lunch. 
. Cacao & Mushroom Bliss Balls: These are perfect quick and nutritious snacks for both kids and adults. Simply blend dates, rolled oats, and a generous scoop of the Inner Atlas Dawn Adaptogenic Blend. Once mixed into a sticky dough, roll them into balls and chill.

4. Medicinal Mushroom & Cacao Smoothie Bowl: A thick, creamy smoothie made with frozen bananas, mixed berries, and a scoop of the Dawn Adaptogenic Blend. Topped with crunchy granola, some fresh fruit, and a drizzle of honey for a nourishing and energizing breakfast.

5. Cacao Mushroom-Pumpkin Soup: Give your classic pumpkin soup a healthy twist by incorporating a spoonful of the Dawn Adaptogenic Blend. It lends a unique flavor that pairs well with the sweet, creamy pumpkin.

6. Mushroom & Cacao Roasted Chickpea Salad: A heart-healthy dinner option, integrating roasted chickpeas tossed in the cacao and mushroom blend. These are then served atop a bed of greens with your choice of other veggies and dressing.

7. Cacao & Mushroom Overnight Oats: Mix rolled oats with almond milk, chia seeds, and a scoop of the Dawn Adaptogenic Blend to let it soak overnight. The result is a creamy, filling breakfast packed with fiber and medicinal mushroom benefits. 

8. Turkey Tail Tiramisu: Indulge in a healthier dessert option by using the Atlas Dawn Adaptogenic Blend to create a mushroom-infused cream layer in the classic Italian Tiramisu. The surprising combination of cacao, mushroom, and espresso is sure to tickle your taste buds. 

9. Cacao and Mushroom Granola Bars: Incorporate this adaptogenic blend into the mix of rolled oats, nuts, dried fruits, and honey. The bars are nutritionally dense and perfect as a quick breakfast or snack. 

10. Kakadu Plum and Mushroom-Cacao Crepes: The tangy, citrus flavor of Australian native Kakadu Plum jam pairs beautifully with the medicinal mushroom and cacao crepes, delivering a breakfast dish that doubles as an enticing dessert.
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