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Hub Gourmet Pies - Chana Masala

Hub Gourmet Pies - Chana Masala

The Goodtime Pie Co. gourmet pie range offers the utmost in quality and flavour. Chickpeas, potatoes and kumara cooked in a spicy onion tomato and creamy coconut masala gravy.

Recipe Ideas with Hub Gourmet Pies - Chana Masala

1. Chana Masala Puff Pastry Appetizers:
 Use the Chana Masala gourmet pie as filling to create delicious puff pastry appetizers. These bite-sized treats are perfect for parties or simple family gatherings. They're vegan, which caters to those with dairy and meat sensitivities. 
2. Deconstructed Chana Masala Pot Pie:
 Turn the Chana Masala gourmet pie into a deconstructed pot pie by baking it open-faced and adding a crust on top. This hearty and healthy dinner idea is great for ensuring the family meets their nutritional needs.
3. Chana Masala Mini Quiche:
 Mix the contents of the Chana Masala gourmet pie with scrambled eggs and bake them into mini quiches. A great high-protein breakfast or snack that's easy on the stomach, even for those with food sensitivities.
4. Fusion Tacos: 
 Give tacos a fusion twist by using Chana Masala gourmet pie as a filling. It's a quick, simple, and delightful weeknight dinner with a nutritious spin.
5. Chef's Salad with Chana Masala:
 Chop up the Chana Masala gourmet pie and mix it with a variety of vegetables and a light vinaigrette to create a chef's salad. This vegan, allergen-friendly salad is a perfect lunch option for the health-conscious family.
6. Chana masala Stuffed Bell Peppers:
 Fill bell peppers with the Chana Masala gourmet pie for a filling and nutritious dinner. It's a playful and colorful meal that not only looks great on the plate but is also packed with nutrition.
7. Indian-inspired Burger: 
 Use the Chana Masala gourmet pie as a patty for an atypical burger with a burst of Indian flavors. It's a fun, family-friendly dish that suits diverse palates.
8. Chickpea Pizza:
 Top a pizza base with the contents of the Chana Masala gourmet pie and a sprinkle of cheese. It's a great way to introduce Indian flavors to traditional meals in a child-friendly format.
9. Chana Masala Flatbread:
 Use a flatbread to create a simple, quick, and tasty lunch with the Chana Masala gourmet pie. Just spread the pie on the flatbread, add some red onions and coriander, bake it, and enjoy!
10. Inside-out Empanadas:
 Switch out the usual beef or chicken fillings for the Chana Masala gourmet pie to prepare vegan empanadas. This ingredient swap makes this crowd-favorite dish suitable for those with meat allergies or intolerances.

Each idea makes use of the Chana Masala gourmet pie's distinctive blend of flavors in a unique, versatile, and appealing way, perfect for the busy, health-conscious family.
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