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GoWell Gluten Free Wraps

GoWell Gluten Free Wraps

GoWell Gluten Free Wholegrain Corn & Potato Wraps are a delicious and nutritious alternative to wheat based wraps. Low in sugar and vegan friendly, once warmed, these wraps soften and can be easily rolled.
Endorsed gluten free by Coeliac Australia and suitable for those eating a vegan/vegetarian diet.
Diego's is an Australian Company.

Recipes for GoWell Gluten Free Wraps:

1. Breakfast Burrito: Give your mornings a tasty start with our GoWell Gluten Free Wrap. Loaded with scrambled eggs, low-fat cheese, and sauteed veggies, this breakfast burrito offers a protein-rich, nutritious start to the day, perfect for those on a gluten-free diet. 

2. Vegan Falafel Wrap: Utilize GoWell Gluten Free Wraps to create this Middle Eastern-inspired dish. Generously filled with crispy chickpea falafels, fresh salad, and drizzled with a creamy tahini sauce, this vegan wrap is a healthy lunch option brimming with flavor and texture.

3. Hummus and Grilled Vegetable Wrap: Spread some homemade hummus on a GoWell Gluten Free Wholegrain Corn & Potato Wrap, then add an assortment of grilled vegetables for a delightful vegetarian dish. This is an inventive and nutritious way to enjoy your gluten-free wraps and increase your daily vegetable intake.

4. Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap: A twist on the beloved classic, sham-packed with tender chicken pieces, romaine lettuce, and a light Caesar dressing enveloped in a GoWell Gluten Free Wrap. A filling and balanced meal idea for a quick dinner or packed lunch.

5. BBQ Pulled Pork Wrap: Slow-cooked tender pork, coated in smoky BBQ sauce, nestled into the GoWell Gluten Free Wrap. Add crisp coleslaw for added crunch. This crowd-pleasing recipe is sure to satisfy a hungry family.

6. Tofu Scramble Breakfast Wrap: A vegan alternative to traditional scrambled eggs, this wrap uses GoWell Gluten Free Wraps filled with colourful peppers, spinach, and tofu scramble for a nutrient-rich and sumptuous breakfast choice.

7. Sweet Nutella & Banana Wrap: Surprise your family with a fun and sweet treat using GoWell Gluten Free Wraps. Spread on some hazelnut chocolate spread, add fresh sliced bananas and enjoy a dessert wrap that's both indulgent and gluten-free.

8. Mini Pizza Wraps: A perfect interactive family snack or appetizer. Spread tomato sauce onto GoWell Gluten Free Wholegrain Corn & Potato Wraps, add your preferred toppings and sprinkle with cheese. After a few minutes in the oven, you'll have mini wrap pizzas to enjoy.

9. Mediterranean Chicken Wrap: Combining grilled chicken with fresh vegetables, olives, and a drizzle of tzatziki in a GoWell Gluten Free Wrap for a tantalizing Mediterranean meal that's both gluten-free and nutritious.

10. Avocado and Quinoa Wrap: A superfood-packed wrap idea, incorporating cooked quinoa, ripe avocado slices, black beans, and corn in a GoWell Gluten Free Wrap. A light, flavorful, and protein-packed dish for a wholesome lunch or dinner.
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