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Gluten Free Dough Mix

Gluten Free Dough Mix

All Purpose Gluten Free Dough Mix. Natural Evolution Dough Mix is a vegan friendly and 100% plant-based multi-purpose dough mix that's the ideal gluten-free choice for baking. Now you can enjoy your favourite food again... pizza, bread, crackers and even pasta. This delicious dough mix is completely natural and nutrient dense, free from any refined sugar and a great source of fibre.
Directions: Simply use this flour to replace any wheat flour recipe, but reduce the flour by 25%. So if the recipe calls for 1 cup of wheat flour use ¾ of a cup of this dough mix instead. It's that easy to use and quite versatile.
Size: 454g Bag

Recipe Ideas with Natural Evolution's Gluten Free Dough Mix

1. Gluten Free Pizza: With this versatile dough mix, you can prepare a scrumptious and healthy pizza. Top it off with your preferred veggies, lean meats, and cheese made of almond milk for a wholesome family dinner. The crust gets wonderfully crispy and flavoursome.
2. Morning Pancakes: Make a cheerful start to your day with fluffy and gluten-free pancakes using the dough mix. Mix in fresh blueberries or chocolate chips for a sweet touch, or throw in a handful of nuts for added protein and crunch.
3. Nutritious Bread Loaf: Bake a homemade bread loaf which is wholesomely gluten-free. Have it fresh out of the oven with a spread of almond butter for a healthy and satiating breakfast. Its light texture and rich taste is something that your entire family will enjoy.
4. Vegetable Crackers: Create crunchy and tasty vegetable crackers ideally suited for a light lunch or afternoon snack. The dough mix ensures each cracker is gluten-free and nutrient-loaded. Pair them with a tangy dip or spread for an exciting flavor combination.
5. Fruit Tarts: Make delectable fruit tarts that are delicious and gluten-free. The tender, crumbly crust balances perfectly well with the fruity filling, making it a wonderful after-dinner dessert delight or mid-day sweet treat.
6. Gluten Free Pasta: Dish out homemade pasta, crafted with this gluten-free dough mix, and top it off with a creamy sauce or ragu. A viable and wholesome alternative to the typical store-bought wheat pasta, it will be a hit with each family member.
7. Quiche: Classy brunch or dinner dish that caters to gluten-free dietary needs. With the dough mix, whip up a crispy and flavorful base filled with a creamy egg mixture and a variety of veggies.
8. Cinnamon Rolls: A sweet treat that can be enjoyed guilt-free with your morning coffee, these rolls use the dough mix as a base. Each roll is filled with the goodness of cinnamon and a light glaze, making them utterly delicious. 
9. Gluten-Free Bagels: Start your family's day right with nutrient-loaded gluten-free bagels using this dough mix. They pair excellently with cream cheese, smoked salmon, or simply a smear of butter. 
10. Dinner Rolls: No dinner spread is complete without soft and fluffy dinner rolls—made gluten-free! Pair these rolls with a savory spread or just butter, thereby rounding off your family meal perfectly.
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