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Gluten Free Creamy Brown Rice Hot Cereal

Gluten Free Creamy Brown Rice Hot Cereal

Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Creamy Free Brown Rice Hot Cereal contains 100% organic whole grain brown rice. This gluten and wheat free porridge is a delightful way to get your energy level up and keep going and going all day long.

Recipe Ideas with Gluten Free Creamy Brown Rice Hot Cereal

1. Hearty Brown Rice Porridge: Start your day with a power-packed meal made with Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Creamy Brown Rice Hot Cereal. Add in your favorite fruits, nuts, and a drizzle of honey to make it a tasty, nutritious breakfast the whole family will love.
2. Creamy Brown Rice Soup: This is a comforting and healthy soup for chilly nights. The creamy brown rice hot cereal offers a unique texture, combined with vegetables and chicken for a protein-rich, filling dinner option.
3. Rice Pudding: A delightful dessert that everyone will adore. Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Creamy Brown Rice Hot Cereal gives it a creamy texture, mixed with cinnamon, raisins, and a touch of vanilla.
4. Savory Rice Pancakes: An inventive snack or breakfast option. Blend the cooked creamy brown rice hot cereal with some eggs and spices, then pan-fry them for delicious gluten-free pancakes.
5. Veggie-Stuffed Bell Peppers: The creamy Brown Rice cereal serves as a scrumptious, healthy filling for bell peppers. Mix it with sautéed veggies, spices and top with cheese for a hearty dinner.
6. Overnight Rice Oats: A quick breakfast option, combine the hot cereal with almond milk, chia seeds, and your favorite fruits, then leave it overnight. You'll wake up to a ready-to-eat, nutritious breakfast.
7. Brown Rice Porridge Bake: A delicious twist to a classic breakfast. Mix the hot cereal with an egg, bananas, berries and bake it. Serve it warm with a dash of honey on top.
8. Brown Rice Smoothie Bowl: The brown rice hot cereal can be ground into a flour and mixed with bananas and milk to make a filling, smoothie bowl. Top it with your favorite fruits, nuts, and seeds.
9. Rice Bites: These are perfect for a healthy snack or appetizer. Mix cooked creamy brown rice hot cereal with some mozzarella, roll it into small balls and then bake until crispy. 
10. Mushroom and Spinach Rice Bowl: Last but not least, mix the creamy brown rice hot cereal with sauteed mushrooms and spinach for a wholesome, savory dinner option. 
 Each recipe capitalizes on the nutritional benefits of gluten-free brown rice hot cereal, suitable for those with certain food sensitivities and allergies. Get creative in your kitchen and enjoy these delicious and health-conscious meal ideas!
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