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Future Australian Baby Formula Stage 2: Follow-On Formula (6-12 months)

Future Australian Baby Formula Stage 2: Follow-On Formula (6-12 month…

future Gradulac Gentle Stage 2 follow-on formula supports the nutritional needs of infants 6 to 12 months. Scientifically formulated, this infant formula can complement the introduction of solid foods.As babies develop, so does their ability to digest lactose.
Our Stage 2 follow-on formula contains more lactose than Stage 1 to suit growing digestive systems. Gradulac Gentle stage 2, tailored to support the active needs of your growing baby
Tailored to support growing nutritional needs
Nourish PP+ premium formulation
Australian Made with Farm Fresh Australian Milk
Hygienically sealed, separate spoon compartment in lid

Recipe Ideas with Future Australian Baby Formula Stage 2: Follow-On Formula for 6-12 months

1. Creamy Banana Porridge: A comforting breakfast dish using Future Australian Baby Formula Gradulac Gentle Stage 2 to give it a creamy texture. Topped with slices of ripe bananas and a sprinkle of cinnamon for a sweet but healthy start.
2. Veggie Mac 'N' Cheese: A lunchtime favorite – the traditional mac 'n' cheese amped up with colorful veggies and future Gradulac Gentle Stage 2 to enrich the cheesy sauce.
3. Savory Pumpkin Soup: A heartwarming dinner using the Gradulac Gentle Stage 2 to provide extra creaminess and nourishment, paired with roasted pumpkin and flavorful herbs.
4. Formula-Berry Smoothie: A quick and nutritious snack of blended mixed berries, yogurt, and a scoop of Future Australian Baby Formula Stage 2 to enhance nutritional properties.
5. Mini Cottage Pies: Delicious individual pies with a rich meat and vegetable filling, creamed with Gradulac Gentle Stage 2 formula and topped with a golden mashed potato crust.
6. Breakfast Pancakes: A weekend family favorite; fluffy pancakes made with the Future Australian Baby Formula Stage 2. Can be enhanced with a variety of toppings from fruits, honey, or a dollop of yogurt.
7. Nourishing Granola Bars: Homemade granola bars loaded with oats, dried fruits, and nuts, sweetened with honey and mixed with powdered Gradulac Gentle Stage 2 to enhance nutrient value - ideal on-the-go snack.
8. Child-friendly Risotto: Creamy, flavorful rice dish with tender veggies, cooked gently with Gradulac Stage 2 formula making it a suitable dinner for the young ones.
9. Banana Formula-Bread: A tasty and healthier spin on the classic banana bread, made using the Future Australian Baby Formula Grade 2, ensuring it's not just delicious but also nourish.
10. Family Shepherd's Pie: A comforting family dinner of shepherd's pie, with the potato topping made creamier and nutrient-dense with the use of Future Australian Baby Formula Stage 2. 

Remember to introduce all new foods gradually and ensure the child is not allergic to any ingredients beforehand.
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