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Future Australian Baby Formula Stage 1: Newborn Infant Formula (0-6months) 3 x 900g Pack

Future Australian Baby Formula Stage 1: Newborn Infant Formula (0-6mo…

Now available in a convenient 3 packGive your baby a gentle start to life with our premium, nutritious future Gradulac Gentle Stage 1 newborn infant formula, uniquely tailored to support the developmental needs of babies 0-6 months.This staged lactose formulation gradually introduces babies to lactose, keeping their little tummies happy.Tailored to support growing nutritional needsNourish PP+ premium formulationAustralian Made with Farm Fresh Australian MilkHygienically sealed, separate spoon compartment in lidFeeding TableWhen using this product each bottle should be prepared individually. If the bottle is to be stored prior to use it must be kept refrigerated and used within 24 hours. Use only the scoop provided for measurement of the formula.AgeFeeds per dayLevel measuring scoop*Cooled, boiled water (mls)Birth to 7 days8 to 10260mlsBirth to 1 week - 4 weeks6 to 7390mls1 month - 4 months5 to 64120mls4 months - 6 months4 to 56180mlsYour baby may need more or less than the indicated quantity. Always maintain the correct ratio of 1 scoop of powder to 30ml of water.*1 plastic scoop = 4.4 g of powder. The feeding table is only a general guide.Important InformationInfant formula suitable from birth. It is recommended that infants from the age of 6 months should be offered foods in addition to infant formula.Preparation InstructionsAlways wash hands before preparing formula to ensure that formula is prepared in a clean area. Wash and sterilise all utensils by boiling for 5 minutes or using an approved sterilising agent.Boil safe drinking water and allow it to cool until lukewarm. Pour the correct amount of previously boiled (now cooled) water into a sterilised bottle.Fill the measuring scoop with formula powder, tap it gently to remove air pockets and level off using the levelling edge on the can.After the appropriate number of scoops of powder have been added to the water, place teat and cap on the bottle and shake gently until the powder dissolves.Test the temperature of the milk with a few drops on the inside of your wrist - it should feel just warm, but cool is better than too hot. Feed immediately - any formula left at the end of the feed must be discarded.Storage InstructionsDo not use if foil seal is broken. Store in cool, dry conditions away from direct heat sources. Remove the foil seal completely and keep tin closed with plastic lid. Use within 4 weeks of opening. The tin should be reclosed after each use using the plastic lid. Fill by weight, not volume. Some settling of the powder may occur. When empty, the tin, foil, lid and scoop can be recycled.

The protein source of future Gradulac infant formula is whey protein and milk casein.
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