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Fry's Rice Protein and Chia Nuggets

Fry's Rice Protein and Chia Nuggets

We would like to present you to our Chia Nugz, aka delectable morsels of deliciousness! With added rice protein and chia seeds and rolled in a light gluten-free crumb, these plant-based bites of glory will leave you wanting more and more. Don’t hold back – live the #nuglife.

Vegan-Friendly Meal Ideas with Fry's Rice Protein and Chia Nuggets

1. Chia Nugz Breakfast Tacos: Make breakfast exciting with a healthy and easy meal that's sure to please the family. Add Fry's Rice Protein and Chia Nuggets to your everyday tacos for an extra punch of protein and fiber. Serve with a range of fresh vegetables and spices, offering a balance of taste and nutrition in every bite.
2. Protein and Chia Nuggets Salad: Reinvent your traditional salad by topping a variety of mixed greens with lightly fried Chia Nuggets. The crisp texture and savory taste of the nuggets provide a unique appeal, while the added benefits of rice protein and chia make it an ideal choice for health-conscious individuals.
3. Stir-fry with Chia Nuggets: Abandon your typical stir-fry routine and add a twist by using Fry's Rice Protein and Chia Nuggets. The nuggets deliver a hearty taste that pairs well with an assortment of fresh vegetables and savory sauces. 
4. Nuggets & Quinoa Buddha Bowl: Create a Buddha bowl filled with colorful veggies, quinoa, and topped with crispy Chia Nuggets. This hearty meal is not only satisfying but offers a hefty dose of protein and fiber, all while being vegan-friendly.
5. Chia Nuggets Sushi Rolls: Use the nuggets as a delicious protein replacement in your homemade sushi rolls. Their texture and flavor blend well with the sushi's ingredients, giving it a unique touch.
6. Chia Nuggets Pizza Topping: Try a new pizza topping by sprinkling some Chia Nuggets over your favorite pizza crust. Each nugget is infused with rice protein and chia seeds, enhancing the pizza's nutritional profile.
7. Nugget-stuffed Bell Peppers: Bring a protein-packed twist to your usual stuffed peppers recipe by adding Chia Nuggets. The nuggets' light and crispy texture pair perfectly with the sweet bell peppers, offering a delightful combination of flavors and textures.
8. Vegan Chia Nuggets Pasta: Stir-fry the Chia Nuggets and toss them with your favorite pasta and a hearty tomato sauce for a healthy and filling dinner.
9. Nuggets and Sweet Potato Bake: This delicious combination of sweet potatoes and Chia Nuggets makes a wholesome family meal. The addition of chia seeds and rice protein boosts the dish's nutritional profile, while the nuggets add a pleasant crunch.
10. Chia Nugz Nachos: Make your game nights more exciting with a tasty and healthful snack. Swap traditional nacho meat with Chia Nuggets and enjoy a crispy, protein-packed delight on top of your cheesy nachos.
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